05-09-07 11:30 p.m.

Another good day today. After having a hard weekend and Monday, 2 good days in a row are encouraging. After a large update this morning,  I figured I would update tonight because I am still waiting for my little night owl named Noah to go to sleep. He has been sick and sleeping more than usual and now he's done! It's 11:30 at night and he keeps talking about everyone in school, how he just went into his bedroom and kissed Zoe "cuz I like Zoe" and just being all around cute.

Josh had therapy at MFB today and worked on laying on is belly. He had a wedge under his chest and got his elbows underneath him. He worked on lifting his upper body weight with his shoulders and elbows and he looked so normal. His leg would pop around at the oddest moments and I sometimes need to remind myself that he is not doing this with purpose.  For occupational therapy he worked on getting his zip-up hoodie on and off by himself. They also added a ring to the zipper so he could put a finger through and zip his jacket. After about 45 minutes of work, he had done what he set out to accomplish. Because so much of this takes so long, I often wonder how much of this will really be put to use. Is it worth it for him to spend 45 minutes getting on his jacket and zipping it up himself or just having someone help him? We both agree it depends on the task. It's nice to know he is able but there are other things we may put more time into such as feeding himself and brushing his teeth. 

We had a houseful of people this morning. It was rainy so some of our friends didn't have to work and a group of people just ended up over here. We all felt like a bunch of bums but it was nice. We all ate lunch together before we left for therapy. It was a pretty out of the ordinary day but we enjoyed it. Tonight, Josh is out with a friend from Indy and when I talked to him a few minutes ago, he was enjoying himself. I like it when he has a chance to stay out late with friends cause he loves to do that. It means I will have to get up when he gets home but at least he is having a good time.

We all ate together as a family tonight and it was nice to do something that we did so regularly before Josh's accident. We are still not able to get Josh under the table, so he has to sit next to the table and be fed but it was nice all the same. We realized we need to have feet or something of the sort added to the bottom so he can get under the table and close enough to feed himself.

We had another day with no serious body temperature issues which is a huge praise! It was not exactly warm today and he still wasn't very cold. The weather forecast is for warmer weather so that is great too! We hope we have this infection issue under control and that was the source of the chills. He continues to drink a lot of water to try and clear everything out of his system. This is a lot safer for him than taking an antibiotic he may eventually get a resistance to . We are thankful for the wisdom of the doctors working with Josh who know what is best for a person with his injury!

We continue to plead with God to heal Josh's body. He has been feeling more in his catheter line area, we are not sure if it's because it's been more painful than usual or if he is gaining more feeling in that area. All the same, we are encouraged by any change Josh's body exhibits. We praise God for the little things that Josh is gaining such as new feeling and patience to work on things that he may normally scream about! :-) Please keep up in your prayers.

Prayer Requests:


-Emotional and physical stability for our family

-More triceps and fingers!!!

Posted on May 9, 2007 .