05-09-07 8:00 a.m.

Craziness ensues. Multiply that by about 100 and that's what my life seems right about now. We all actually had a decent nights sleep last night. Zach got Josh completely ready for bed so I never had to get up for the "getting ready for bed" process. Noah has been sick for 2 nights so he wants to sleep in mommy's twin bed which does not leave a lot of room for mommy after Noah and Ephram. I actually convinced him to sleep on the floor next to me which helped a ton! Josh slept well enough that he wasn't sure he was turned during the night and was worried- he slept right through them both! So after a decent nights sleep, hopefully we'll be having a good day.

Monday was a day of heading to therapy which was very successful. Josh picked up a piece of food with his right hand for the very first time!!!! Sounds small but we were so excited! He has been working hard on trying to pick things up and we're seeing improvements. He spent the whole hour of occupational therapy working on it and did the best he had ever done. For PT, he worked on short sitting which is where he sits on the end of a mat table with his feet over the end and then he worked on scooching (is this really a word?). He did have a decent amount of success but he was frustrated with his posture. With no muscles to hold himself up, he slouches all the time and he is starting to feel it in his back a bit. Kristy sat behind him and pulled his shoulders back to give his spine a break and he loved it!  He grew about 8 inches in the sitting position!

We then headed to the urologist to see what was going on with his catheter. They changed it out and burnt a bunch of skin around the area of his belly where the tube comes out and think they got the problem. They do believe he is fighting a urinary tract infection so we are trying to drink, drink, drink! He continued to be cold most of the day Monday but yesterday there was a significant temperature improvement!

We had core team here last night for church and we cooked out and talked church stuff. This is Josh's forte, talking church and having friends over. I don't think it gets much better than that for him! My little social butterfly enjoyed himself thoroughly.

We were supposed to pick up our new van today at 10:30, but it got postponed until tomorrow because a new circuit board did not make it in time in the mail. This actually seems like a good thing because we were really pushing our day to the max to get in all we had to do today. We will be going in tomorrow hopefully to learn all the functions and take the beauty home with us! The Hoopty will have to hold out another day!  It rained last night so we may be sitting in some wet seats, but hey, at least she runs! We laugh that she smells like a boat because of all of the exhaust and burning fuel. The gas mileage is significantly less then 10 miles to the gallon so we don't like to take her too far. We think if we still lived in California we'd be arrested for depleting the ozone layer! We love to make fun of her but we love her just the same!

Please be praying for us in regards to figuring out schedules of who needs to be where and when, that when Ephram makes his arrival we can work it out that Josh can be there, for so many little adjustments that are all together just hard emotionally. Not sleeping in the same bed as your husband and being able to just cuddle and talk grows old quickly. We are hoping to be able to order a bed soon that will accommodate us both but the prices are astronomical.  We are working very hard to rely on God and each other so that we do not become discouraged or start feeling sorry for ourselves. To be completely honest, it's a struggle. When I look at my life and how much it's changed over the last 2 years, I'm amazed that we're still sane- but that is the power of our God! We don't just say that, we believe it 100 % and continue to rely on him for his grace, strength and mercy.

Prayer Requests:


-Schedules and transitions for our family

-Emotional stability for us all- extended family too

Posted on May 9, 2007 .