05-11-07 3:30 a.m.

Can't sleep. Kinda' stinks when you have a few hours of shut-eye coming your way and you just lay there and think. I turned Josh a little over half an hour ago and finally decided that laying in bed staring at the ceiling was getting me nowhere. Decided to blog.

Decent day yesterday. When I posted night before last, Josh was still out with friends. Because he was going to be out late, Jay offered to get him ready for bed. When they got home they realized that Josh's urine bag was empty and they had been gone over 6 hours. Not a good thing. Come to find out, the clamp that holds the bag shut was not closed correctly and Josh's shoe was waterlogged. His foot was pruned and we knew where the urine was. When with friends, Josh has a tendency to try and laugh things off a bit, after they left, he was upset. It's sort of amazing that you can have a soaking wet foot all night and night and never feel a thing. Some of these incidences are hard for Josh to deal with- can't really blame the guy. So now his brand new shoes are a bit dirty. :-)

He got cold getting ready for bed so we had to try and warm him up but to no avail. When I woke up at 6 a.m. to roll him, he was still chattering and awake. He thought he may have taken a few cat naps but really didn't get any real sleep during the night. This made for a hard day to stay awake yesterday.

We started out the day yesterday morning heading off to MFB where Kristy was working with a group of Grand Valley State University PT students.  Josh did some talking, Kristy did some teaching and then they went through the sensations on his body, poking and prodding. Josh felt like it went well and he was excited to get a gift certificate to Carrabba's! :-) We left there and ate some lunch in the Burger King parking lot, enjoying the warm sun and breeze. It was pretty relaxing and just...nice. After lunch, we headed off to Clock Conversion where our van was ready for us to pick up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hoopty's life is close to over and we are so thankful for the transportation she provided for us, but we were ready! We took almost a 2 hour training course on how to use all of the gadgets, buttons, straps and safety features. Josh spent a lot of this time falling asleep in his chair while I was learning. :-) At this point, Josh is not yet able to drive and a lot of the info was not applicable to him until he starts driving. Probably would have been nice for him to learn it with me but the poor guy could NOT keep his eyes open.  After our lesson, we drove the new beauty out of the parking lot free and clear!!!! How do you thank people for purchasing you freedom, much less a vehicle worth 2 years of our last salary? Pretty amazing! We cannot thank SLWC enough for all the hard work and success put into raising money for this for us.

We drove home and I could drive with one hand.  The steering is wonderful and I can actually drive in a straight line (the hoopty was not the easiest beast to drive). Josh was talking about everything he could see. He was amazed to see the house as we drove up and all the landmarks close to our house. We had the windows down the whole way home and enjoyed listening to loud music, the breeze in our hair, and no exhaust fumes to drug the baby!

We stayed home tonight. I was exhausted and so were the kids. We just hung around, Josh got ranged, ate dinner together, and acted like a half-way normal family. Josh was ready for bed at 11:00 which is extremely out of the ordinary for him... guess he was tired after the lack of sleep the night before. I have not heard a peep out of him since he fell asleep, he didn't even really seem to wake up when I turned him.

All in all, good day again. A few points of frustration but nothing that ruined the day. The weather is helping Josh's outlook. We are praying it continues. He loves to be able to sit outside and drive his wheelchair under the carport for a workout.  He calls it his race track where he has to drive in an oval and use his right arm more than his left, hoping to strengthen up the right side so it becomes closer in strength to the left. He loves to challenge himself in these ways. Along with Kristy, I now call him a PT nerd too. Doesn't seem to bother either of them too much...:-)

Prayer Requests:


-Stability for our family

-Josh's fingers and triceps

Posted on May 11, 2007 .