4/16/07 9:30 p.m.

I'm so tired all I want to do is go to bed. So this will be short and sweet. Josh had a very busy day today. He spent about 3 hours in a power chair called the I-bot. The I-bot climbs stairs, can roll around on 2 wheels, is 4-wheel drive, and is your typical man's man power wheel chair. It's more expensive than a typical power chair, but allows for a lot more freedom for Josh, which is important when taking the kids to the beach or on a wooded trail...things that aren't possible with a regular chair. Right now we're more concerned with the loss of freedom than the extra dollars such a chair might cost.

Josh helped make dinner tonight in the apartment kitchen in MFB--basic things like stirring, cutting (with a very very interesting looking knife), etc.  It was a good experience but it makes him realize again how difficult "normal" things are for him to do.

Tonight Josh's blood pressure went up, which is know in spinal cord injuries as disreflexia. It happens when something is going on in his body that he can't feel and deal with normally. He got extremely flushed and we figured something was wrong. We figured out what the problem was and by the time I left tonight it was going down.

The visit with the kids tonight was approximately 2 minutes--no exaggeration--because of the problem. But they seemed OK anyway.

Everyone is now going to bed early, including me! Nighty-night. 

Prayer Requests:


--Smooth transition when Josh comes home--in four days!

--Better understanding of disreflexia and its causes and that it doesn't happen often!

Posted on April 16, 2007 .