4/15/07 11:30 a.m.

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday. We will not have internet hook up until Tuesday at the new house. The move went amazingly well. Over 50 people showed up to help, there was enough yummy food for an army, Two Men and a Truck guys never stopped running, and everything is put away in the house. Can you believe it? We were amazed, excited and so blessed.

The morning started at 8:30 when the movers showed up at the house and had a heck of a time figuring out how to manage our steep driveway on our narrow road. This was one of the major concerns with bringing our new van up the driveway- not wanting it to bottom out. Anyway, 9:00 and people started showing up. It sounds like about 30 people showed up at the old house to help pack up the truck. Around 11:00ish they were off to the new house and emptying the truck. There was so much help people had to wait to get boxes to bring inside! Nice problem to have huh? Josh and I showed up around 1:00 and the truck was empty. Josh was sitting here at MFB wanting everyone to know how grateful we were for all the help so he thought it would be a good thing to show up. When we got there, their was a huge group of people in the front yard and I sorta' wanted to hide. :-) We talked to a ton of people, gave a few directions (mostly directed people to my mom so I didn't have to deal with it), and tried to get used to the new place. By about 5:30, everything was unpacked, put into it's place, and most of the people were gone. We want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who came and helped in any way.

Josh and I left back to MFB around 5:30, got Josh changed into some jeans, and we headed back to the house to wait for the kids. They showed up about 7:45 with some friends from Kalamazoo and the kids were soooo excited. They came flying into the house, Zoe's specific words were "It looks the same!", and Noah went straight for the swing. They loved their new bunk beds and the new toys a few people had brought for them. They both especially liked the playroom. Noah's drums are in there (yes, we're crazy but Josh loves to watch Noah so the basement wasn't an option) and he showed daddy all his new skills. Josh was on Cloud 9. He was able to help put the kids to bed, prayed with them, and just had a chance to do normal daddy stuff.

The rest of the evening consisted of talking with friends from church who were still there after all the stuff was put away and just hanging out. All in all, it could not have gone better. Josh feels like he has enough room to move around, I feel like we can contain the kids and lead a decently normal life there. Please be praying for us as we adjust to the move and to daddy coming home. Zoe did not sleep too well last night. She kept waking up being scared and mommy and Zoe do not fit into a twin sized bed very well together! It was her first night so I can't really blame her for being scared.

Everyone woke up around 8 and hit the floor running. Both kids wanted to play with all the toys, ride their scooters in the basement, bounce on their bouncy balls and play outside. Zoe spent a long time with a new Crayola coloring book that she saw on TV that someone bought her. On the commercial it shows kids coloring with markers on the floor because the ink does not show up except on this specific paper. She was convinced she too had to color on the floor! She's such a honey! Noah has already spent a decent amount of time on his swing set and is excited to have a TV in his playroom.

We are now relaxing at the hospital and Josh is getting ready to teach tonight at church. Thank you for all your love and prayers over this move. We were truly blessed!

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's fingers and tricpeps

-stability as we get used to our new house and daddy coming home!

Posted on April 15, 2007 .