4/13/07 11:45 p.m.

Tomorrow is moving day! The house is pretty much ready to go and when 9 a.m. rolls around tomorrow morning, there will be lots of activity around here. I'm excited, anxious, nervous, and a whole lot of other emotions all rolled into one. Josh never got a chance to really say goodbye to the house so we figure he'd better start walking again so we can move back home! :-)

Josh had a good day. He spent time in numerous power chairs, narrowing down the options and getting closer to deciding what he wants in this chair. He also saw our new van for the first time today. I was at the dentist and missed it! I was disappointed but he gave me a pretty complete rundown and was soooo excited. He said it's beautiful, shiny, and going to be a great form of transportation. The interior is khaki which I was very happy about. We did not get to pick that out because the base of the van was completed when it was purchased so I was not sure what color the interior would be. I know, it's a small thing, but I was excited. The conversion van company brought the van over to measure out Josh's chair and see where the locks need to be placed. Only one disappointment and it has nothing to do with the van itself. The chair that Josh has picked as his primary chair cannot be automatically locked down. When he starts to drive he will not be able to buckle the chair to the floor so he has a system called EZ Lock that automatically locks his chair in. We are unsure what we are going to do but it looks like Josh will need another chair when he drives. It seems asinine to need another chair but nobody seems to act like this is a huge deal, just another cost we have to come up with! :-) Please be praying that God helps us make the best decision for the situation and not let it get Josh down too much. He was pretty disappointed about this and I would love an easy answer.  Those easy answers can be hard to come by.

We spent time with friends tonight up in Josh's hospital room. We had some serious church talking and lots of light hearted laughing. Jason was staying to help Josh get in to bed and learn a few things about the bedtime routine he was unfamiliar with. This will be great for him to know so that if he and Josh come home late at night, after I'm asleep, Jason will be able to put Josh to bed. This will be a big help to me and I'm sure I wouldn't be in the best of  moods at 1 a.m. after I've been asleep for 2 hours. Help, like this, from our friends and family, will be a huge help. Josh still wants to be able to go out at night with the boys and not have to be home by 10:00 pm. so I can put him to bed.

Please be in prayer for all the work to be accomplished tomorrow. Although moving is always hard, all the prayers and volunteers will make it much easier to handle. Thank you to all of you who have been such a part of our lives the past three months. You are loved!

Prayer Requests:


-The move tomorrow!!!! Please be praying for us and come by if you can! We'd love to see your pretty face!

-Josh's fingers and triceps

Posted on April 13, 2007 .