4/12/07 11:00 p.m.

Today was a pretty uneventful day for Josh. We like these days where we feel like nothing major happened or that one of us had a nervous breakdown! Josh spent time using the slide board from one chair to the table. Some guys from church came up this afternoon to learn this method of transferring Josh. It seemed to go quite well. One of Josh's friends came up from the Ft. Wayne area to visit Josh and took him out for dinner. He was excited to spend time with him and have some "guy time". Josh really misses this type of interaction. Being at MFB he has an early curfew (8 p.m.) and it does not leave lots of time to hang out. He does not usually end up back this early, but it's always in the back of your head. It will be nice when we get home and he can go back to having time to hang out with the guys. Josh has always been quite the social butterfly and likes little more than just sitting somewhere talking with friends. It's not quite the same sitting in a hospital room talking.

While Josh went out tonight, my sister and I spent a leisurely dinner at On The Border (yes, they know me there!), just the two of us. It was nice to just sit and not be in a rush to head off somewhere else. We then headed to meet some girls at Target and do some shopping for the new house. I never imagined buying tools for myself, but I found myself in the tool aisle at Target. Josh has always been our handyman around the house, but this is not an option right now. His tools are always spread all over the house and garage, but he always seems to know where everything is. I decided I needed some order so I got some big packaged set with most anything I could ever need to fix stuff around the house. Thankfully I will still have him around to teach me verbally how to do the stuff I will need to do. I don't want to have to call my dad every time something goes wrong around the house. I figure I'm a woman of the 21st Century and better start acting like it!

A group of men from Crossroads Bible came up to pray with Josh at lunch today. They were extremely encouraging to us and prayed the fire down! These men are incredible men of God and we know when they say they are praying for us, we know it really means something. We all gathered around Josh and had the opportunity to pray for healing over Josh. I find it such a breath of fresh air to be with people who so firmly believe in the power of God to heal Josh. When I am feeling doubtful or like my faith is waning, God always seems to bring someone to us to remind of he is able. We serve an amazing God who will be glorified- we just plead that it is by way of Josh's healing.

The big move is only about 36 hours away! Please remember us in prayer as this marathon day will be taxing on all involved! There will be free food to feed the hungry so if you're available, your help would be GREATLY appreciated. I am praying that God keeps my spirit calm as the day grows closer. I know that the task will be completed whether I start stressing or not. It is hard for me to know that I need to back off and allow others to help us. It is my job to keep little Ephram safe and sound, not to try and be superwoman and control the whole situation (if you know me personally you know this is a struggle).  Please remember all of us in prayer as the big day draws near.

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's fingers and triceps

-the big move on Saturday!

Posted on April 12, 2007 .