4/11/07 9:45 p.m.

Josh had 3 hours of PT today!  PT is his favorite so he had no complaints. He did have some complaints about the activities expected of him. Because he is done ordering his power-assisted manual chair (it looks like a manual chair) he is now on to ordering his power chair. The power chair he test drove today was huge and bulky. He said it made him feel more handicapped than he does otherwise. One thing to be thankful for is the fact that he is not going to be needing a full-powered wheelchair all the time. Lots of people with Josh's level of injury never get out of a power chair. This is a huge blessing! So anyway, he did have some complaints about having to test drive some power chairs. Kristy knows he does not like this, but he needs to.  We are hoping to get the chair ordered before we leave MFB so that we do not need to take away therapy time once we start outpatient therapy.

Today was an easier day for Josh. He was excited to have he technology rehabilitation session today where a report will now be written as to what Josh will be needing to make the computer accessible to him. It's amazing how fast prayer works when we were worried yesterday that this was not done. It also helps that we talked to the therapists that work with Josh all the time and really stressed our concerns (sometimes I get a little overbearing and may need to back off a little).  It is encouraging to know that the next step is now accomplished and we are one step closer to getting Josh back to being the techno nerd he really is! :-)

A lot of things are falling into place. Every time I talk to my mom she is telling me something else that is taken care of, someone who is doing something specifically to help us, or buying something we need for the new house. It makes me appreciate people so much. Before this happened to our family, I had a tendency to doubt other people's goodness or just the basic goodness of humans as a whole. I am awed at how amazing people have been to us. Thank you to each and every one of you who have been a blessing to us by praying, praying, praying, helping in every way, and assisting us financially in this situation. This is no place I would ever wish to be nor wish on anyone else, but you do get a new perspective. I am thankful for that.

Prayer Requests:


-Details and help for the big move on Saturday!

-Josh's triceps and fingers

Posted on April 11, 2007 .