4/10/07 11:00 p.m.

Today was one of those not so fun days. Josh was down emotionally most of the day and it makes for a very challenging day. He started out at the YMCA- maybe it's the YMCA that makes him sad. He had a rough day last Tuesday too... hmmmm...  He and Kristy and a few other people came up with some ideas to make Josh working out there easier. They have some ideas for splints for his hands and one for his elbows to assist in holding his hands and arms correctly so he could work out himself. Hopefully something comes of it.

As the date of discharge looms ever near, we are thinking of many things that need to be done before we leave. One major thing for Josh is to get some assistance with the computer so that he is able to peruse the internet, write e-mails, type a message for church or just about anything on the computer. Before the accident, Josh was always on the computer and now that he will be home so much more, he will need stuff to keep him busy. He is very concerned about going stir-crazy and having nothing to occupy his time. We are working hard and fast to try and get this solved before he goes home next Friday. We know the adaptive equipment he needs, we just need to have it approved by the right people and then ordered. I'm sure this usually takes longer than 10 days so pray that the process is speedy.  Josh is a big reader and right now he is not really able to turn pages without tons of effort so any sort of reading also needs to be done on the internet. Just an afterthought...

We met a man who is interested in helping Josh get ready 6 mornings a week. He seemed very nice, like he and Josh would get along well. He also talked about being reliable which is something we need right now. We both felt like it would be a good fit. We are going to pray about it and hopefully it would work out. We know he is interested so it now lies with us. Please pray that we make a good decision for both Josh and our family.

An old friend from the first church Josh pastored at came by tonight. You could tell it really lifted Josh's spirits. He didn't want to overstay his welcome and Josh kept encouraging him to stay longer! :-) It was nice for him to have someone like this to talk to, especially on a night like tonight when he was tired and discouraged. He talked about how the God he is experiencing right now is a sovereign God. The God he experienced in Miami was almost a palpable God. He is no less God but right now it's not as easy for him. He feels like now that the situation is not so desperate, he has a different perception. Please be praying that this God is just as real to him as Miami. He is need of comfort right now as he is getting very anxious for all the changes coming. We know God is able.

We are gearing up for the big day on Saturday. We are getting excited to have a place that Josh can come home to. We pray that it becomes "home" very quickly and that all the transitions go smoothly.

Prayer Requests:


-Calmness of spirit as we move to a new home and having daddy home with us again

-Josh's fingers and tricpes!

Posted on April 10, 2007 .