4/9/07 9:30 p.m.

Josh had a good day today. When I arrived at MFB he was in great spirits and making me giggle all the time. We spent an hour getting his power-assist wheelchair ordered and found out that it will be covered almost fully by Michigan Rehabilitation Services. This is the program that helps people eventually get back to work (I guess they figure it's cheaper to buy them stuff to get back to work than have them live off social security for the rest of their lives!). He is very excited to be getting his own chair made specifically for him that fits his body well. We will order his power chair next, although he is pretty clueless about what he wants in this type of chair. He knows he needs it, but doesn't like it all the same.

He also is getting more and more proficient at feeding himself. He is using a band that wraps around his hand and uses the muscles in his shoulders and biceps to lift up the utensil. With no triceps, some of these movements are difficult. One good thing to note, while Josh was doing the electrical stimulation today on his tricep, we got the best response so far. Kristy finds this very encouraging and we continue to pray that God will restore this muscle in Josh's arms.

We got ownership of the rental today which is a huge blessing! Someone came forward and offered to pay the rent and utilities for 6 months!!! God is so good to us! We now are looking for someone to rent our place from us for the time being. Please pray that God sends the right people along.  We are getting lots of odds and ends done such as changing phone, cable, internet, making appointments for things to be delivered- that sort of thing. It makes this move seem all the more real. The kids are excited and seem to have little concern over the move. I have no doubt it is because of all the prayers for our children being sent up!!! Being at the house does make Josh's injury seem more real and long-term. We know that God's power is not changed by us renting a place and we are thankful for that. It does make the emotional aspect of this all more difficult. The realization that this could be forever is very difficult. It takes your breath away and puts a pressure on your chest where you feel like you can't breathe. Those are the times that I just try to sit and think about the power of God and his will for our lives. No matter what the outcome of this whole thing, God is still in control!

Baby Ephram continues to give me grief. I so wish that I could keep up with all that is going on and not be stopped by the endless Braxton Hicks contractions. They are driving me batty! It stops me from being able to help with Josh and being as active with our kids as I normally am. This is very normal for pregnancy, I know, but I'm only 30 weeks!!! I have a ways to go yet and don't want to be so out of commission. Please pray that I have patience and the grace to be able to handle this small frustration in the grand scheme of things.

All in all, today was very encouraging. I was so supported by a great friend this morning which started my day in a much better way than yesterday. It's nice to have an easier day like today after a tough day. God continues to supply all our needs, many even that I am unaware of.

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's triceps!!!

-Smooth transitions of moving to a new house and Josh coming home! Yaaaay!!!! 

Posted on April 9, 2007 .