4/18/07 11:20 p.m.

Sorry about the lack of posting last night. Baby Ephram was trying to come and see the world a little too early and we ended up in the hospital for just a few hours. We did not have to spend the night but got home and was exhausted. They pumped some drugs in to stop the contractions and a few other things not appropriate to talk about, but mommy and baby are doing better tonight.

Josh started yesterday with his Tuesday trip to the YMCA. He is getting more at ease every time he goes and they continue to trouble shoot while they are there. He had a typical afternoon of therapy and lots of hard work. Last night he had a chance to go to core team. This is a weekly meeting at our house where we discuss where the church is going, what needs to be done, and what is not going so well. The group consists of about 15 people who are the leaders in the church. He got to go this week because now that we are at the new house, he can get inside! Pretty exciting stuff!

Last night we also met with some of the pastors from Daybreak Community in Hudsonville to discuss Josh being a part of the service Sunday. We are excited to go and share what God has been doing in our lives over the last 3 months. This is the first opportunity, outside of our own church, where Josh will be able to really speak from his heart. This is a great encouragement to him and we are looking forward to it. It will be interesting needing to be somewhere at 9:00 a.m. and us being responsible to get him there, looking somewhat put together, and me being the responsible party. We have hired someone 6 days a week but he is wanting to go to church with his own family on Sunday mornings so we are in the process of looking for that one special someone who can do Sundays weekly.

Today was a busy day of trying out a new exercise "bike" with Josh.  He was laid on his back and his arms and legs were strapped in above his body. He uses his arms to get the bike moving which also moves his legs. There is a computer screen over his head where he can see the progress he is making and also got to watch Dave Matthews on DVD which helped him along! :-) He really enjoyed this. Having his legs over his heart also allowed for some of the swelling in his ankles to diminish.  We both have "cankles" right now so we're two peas in a pod!

A videographer from Daybreak came today to do some taping of Josh in action so they could do a little blurb to run before Josh gets up to talk. They are hoping that the video will turn out well enough where we can bring it to other places where Josh speaks and will serve as a quick synopsis of our life. Pretty cool!

Tonight, Josh went on the MFB bus along with two other patients to have one last outing before he goes home. He chose to go and see "Blades of Glory" and some of his guy friends met him there. They said the movie was hilarious, but I did not want to lower my IQ by going and seeing this movie. I did some computer work and ran a few errands. I then met him at the mall and we ate in the food court and then ran to a few stores for about a half hour. He had some good practice trying to get through small spaces and having to ask for help to reach stuff. That was really the point of the trip so he succeeded.

When we got back to MFB we loaded up the shower chair and massive lift into the Hoopty, gotta love the lift, and brought it all back to our new house. It makes it feel like he's really coming home in less than 48 hours. Noah and Zoe made a big sign that says "Welcome Home Daddy" to hang up on the wall when he gets home. Tonight, she prayed that the sign would help daddy remember to come home in "two more sleeps."  She judges days by the number of "sleeps" she has to have. Noah is just all together excited and wants daddy to watch him swing. We're all glad that is something Josh is still able to do.

I'm feeling pretty encouraged tonight, getting excited for Josh to come home. I know it will be very overwhelming and we have a ton of adjusting to do, but I am thankful for the days where I feel like we are going to survive. Lots of little things need to come together before Friday so please remember us in prayer this next few days.

One other thing, a few of you asked about getting Josh's message on the web. There is a link to it on the front page if you're interested...

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's fingers and triceps

-the transition about to take place as we move home together as a fami

Posted on April 18, 2007 .