2/15/07 4:00 p.m.

Today was the day for Josh's home visit. We did some measuring of doorways, looked at the possibility of a ramp behind the house and through the sliding glass doors. It looks like a real possibility. The only problem is the van will have a lowered floor and our driveway is so steep we may have a clearance problem.  We went in the MFB van today and nearly removed the exhaust system beneath the van. It provided for a hearty belly laugh from all of us. :-)

Very little therapy today as we spent the majority of the day getting ready to go and at the house. We are now waiting on a friend of ours bringing dinner. He is getting us the hook up when it comes to dinner from area restaurants. Josh is so tired of hospital food and is excited to get some real food. Look for us gaining a little weight in the near future. 

Josh's legs are doing a lot of jumping around lately. This is a common side effect of nerve damage to the spinal cord. This can become a bit of a problem when his legs begin to jump and tense up during moving him, working on stretching, and many other medical routines done here regularly.  He is on a new medication for it but we have not seen much improvement. He cannot feel it and it kind of freaks me out because some of the movements look so deliberate. They cautioned us in regards to getting excited about this because it means very little medically- their words, not mine. 

Tonight we have a meeting with a couple with three children. The husband became a quad about 3 years ago and is now leading a very full life. Everyone who talks about this family says they will be a wealth of knowledge for us. They are a strong Christian family from the Holland area who were greatly supported by their church there. It seems as though we have a lot in common. 

We continue to have faith that God is able to heal Josh 100% and pray that you would continue to lift him up in prayer. The prayers of you all are getting us through thus far- please don't stop. You are all loved and appreciated!

Prayer Requests:

-TOTAL healing

-Sleep for Josh

-Movement of Josh's fingers

Posted on February 15, 2007 .