2/16/07 7:30 p.m.

We are having a fun night with Holly and Jay, and Brad and Sarah.  We ordered some pizza and we are going to watch a movie soon. Derek (my brother) showed up and surprised us all the way from Okinawa, Japan. It is so nice to have our whole family here. Noah and Zoe had big hugs and kisses for Uncle Derek. 

Today was a busy day of hard therapy. Josh did an extra session of PT again today and was full of energy most of the day. Josh did "skateboards" again today where they strap a board on wheels to his arms.  This is what he was using when another therapist thought they detected some triceps. Today, Josh's own PT did it with Josh and did not detect any movement. She then hooked up the electronic stimuli to his triceps to see what happened. He had a couple small flickers. We were a bit disappointed to not see a big movement but then Kristy (PT), had some encouraging words. She said if she had seen a lot of movement that would have suggested an oversensitivity to the stimulus. She said if they placed it on his quads where he has had no movement at all, his whole leg would have kicked out. But because there was not much movement of the triceps, it suggests the possibility of more returning. We were greatly encouraged by this. It is not very often that someone in the medical profession gives us much hope.  This was great to hear. 

Tomorrow, a group of people are coming in to town to talk about different things involving Josh's care and the financial issues that are going to come because of it. Please be in prayer in regards to this meeting tomorrow. Charlie, Josh's friend and pastor, is here in town to be a part of it tomorrow. He is spearheading this team and it is such a blessing to know someone is really taking care of this for us. 

Prayer Requests:


-group meeting on Saturday

-Josh's fingers

-Continued sleep for Josh

Josh has had three nights in a row of great sleep. This has kept his spirits up significantly and made our outlook much more positive the past few days. 

Posted on February 16, 2007 .