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8/12/07 10:45 p.m.

Josh spoke this morning at Daybreak in Hudsonville. The topic of his message was pain. We seem to know a bit about pain. His message even touched me, and I pray it did others as well.

Last night was a pretty rough night for me. I was feeling like I was teetering on the edge of going off the deep end. I say this a bit jokingly, but I had a rough night. I ended up calling my mom asking her to help me find where I was going (I am perpetually lost- even in the city I have grown up in). She heard me going off and she and my dad were trying to help. This stressed my dad out who just wants to protect his "little" girl.

So, today, my dad is still stressed. He stayed home this morning to watch my niece and nephews whose parents were away at a wedding. My mom came to the service to hear Josh speak and hand out fliers. I ended up getting a call around noon that my dad was having chest pain. He ended up at the emergency room. He is now at Spectrum Butterworth, spending the night, and having tons of tests run. They believe he had a heart attack and will possibly be placing a stint? tomorrow. When we were all in Miami, at the time of Josh's accident, my dad had his first heart attack. Since then, the doctor said to avoid stressful situations. Is this a joke? Don't kids love to bring stress into their parents lives? Sorry, that was a sick joke.

Anyway, please be in prayer for my dad. Please also be praying for my patience level as it is not so great the past few days. Josh has done an amazing job trying to keep me sane and from not completely losing it. It's hard for him when their is so little he can do for my physically. He does more than he realizes just talking to me and being the clear head in our relationship.

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