Craziness Ensues

We, as a ministry, are finding that God has hurting people everywhere, and we are privileged enough to have some of these people trust us with their hurts and secrets. We take this incredibly seriously. Please know that if you write to us, especially a long, heart-felt message, that we want to take the appropriate amount of time to pray and heart to put into our return message.  As a newer ministry and few hands, we are not always the fastest, but know that the moment you put a need out there, we are prayerfully entering into your need and do not want to give you a flippant reply.

In the midst of the normal craziness of life, we are throwing our ministry "launch" party on Wednesday. The house is a mess with things to be brought over to the party, beds being made so guests have a place to go, and a to-do list much longer than I am comfortable with. God has put this launch party together, the people in place helping, and the prayer warriors on it praying for strength and God to be the center of it all. We are beyond thrilled!!! 

Wednesday night at 6:30, if you can't be there, PRAY!!! We are excited to see what God has in store...

Posted on June 8, 2015 .