The depths of sin- Radio DJ sin


Only God knows how deep my love for him runs. No one knows the depth of my love or the depths of my disobedience. He loves me all the same.

As I was driving home last night, there was an emptiness to the radio channel I was listening to. 

There has been a horrific and region-wide story with one of the most popular Christian radio DJ's here in Grand Rapids. It has to do with sexual sin, the sex trade, sexual addictions. 

And one DJ was in the midst of it; speaking of it, praying for it, all while participating in it.

It is disgusting. It is assaulting to my emotions, much less the children who were victimized.


But I am not beyond this.


Just when I have the tendency to say, "No way, that would never happen to me. Nast.", He shows me the depths of MY sin. 

It may not have the same repercussions that this DJ will be held accountable for.

But I am capable of disgusting sin: the sin of selfishness, the sin of greed, the sin of gluttony. The list goes on.

But my Savior knows that. He has always known. He already knew what was happening in the DJ's life as well. He knew what was going on in my marriage long before I knew. He knows. He knows all.

And He forgives all. He welcomes me to Him with open arms, a loving heart, a spirit of forgiveness. 

I do not deserve this. I deserve death, destitute.

He loves the DJ despite his sin.

He loves me despite mine.

And now there is forgiveness, sins wiped clean because of what He did for me, for us, for him on a cross, 2000 years ago.

Posted on June 27, 2014 .