3/2/07 9:45 p.m.

Josh felt Ephram move for the first time today! Because of the little feeling he has in his hands, it has made it difficult for Josh to feel movement. Well, today when I was shifting Josh back in his chair, he had his head leaning on my belly and he got a kick in the forehead.  We were so excited!!!

Josh had another fun-filled day of therapy. Lots of work done- he spent time trying to work his iPOD and trying to get some earphones over his ears.  These normally easy tasks are very frustrating for Josh.  So many things in life that we normally take for granted are so hard for him. 

We also spent some time looking at many different types of lifts today.  The lift is what we will use to move him from his wheelchair to the bed and anywhere else he wants to sit or lay.  Because of his injury, we need to be able to do the majority of the work for him.  Keep in mind Josh is a pretty big boy and I can't just throw him over my shoulder! :-) The lift will be a big help to me and a blessing on my back. This is one of the pieces of adaptive equipment we need to decide on very soon. It costs twice as much as Josh's last car. Kinda puts it in perspective...

By the end of next week Josh will be getting passes to leave the hospital.  I have some training to do to be able to take him out, but we are very excited!!! We also have a van coming our way from Peoria, Illinois so we will have transportation.  This is great news and Josh is very excited to be able to have a little freedom outside of the hospital.

No new news here about any new movement or sensations. Please pray for God to keep us encouraged.  This afternoon was a difficult one of reality, but something that needs to be addressed.  God continues to be faithful to us and we continue to hang on to his promises. We know he will never give us more than we can handle.  This continues to be a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute challenge for us. We cannot say thank you enough for all your love, prayers and support. You guys rock my world!!!

Prayer Requests:


-Spiritual and emotional encouragement for our family

-Use of Josh's fingers- we want to hear Josh on the guitar during worship!!!

Posted on March 2, 2007 .