3/1/07 7:15 p.m.

Wow, it's March already.  I feel as though we have been living in a time warp of hospitals, tests, therapy and hospital rooms. Josh's accident was 6 weeks ago today.  Many of the professionals we talk with say the 6th week to the 8th week are when they expect to see the significant gains begin to fade off. They are not saying we won't see any, but the majority of the changes will take place before this time. We have lots of praying to do over this next 2 weeks.

Today was one of those days when Josh could not wake up. He was being shocked on the arms to increase his muscle strength and he kept falling alseep between sessions. He would wake up real fast as the current would start through his arm though! :-) We got a couple good giggles in.

The occupational therapists worked with Josh at holding a baby in a sling.  They place the sling around him and the baby is velcroed in around the waist. They then have a bottle they have "jimmy-rigged" so that Josh can feed the baby. He felt quite comfortable with this and felt like he could control the bottle well enough to feed the baby carefully. This was fun for Josh. The baby weighs about 8-10 pounds so it should be pretty close to what our baby weighs soon after birth. It will be nice for both Josh and me to have him be able to feed the baby. It will be a good way for Josh to bond with Ephram.

We are starting to realize that the birth is not all too far away.  We have a lot of decisions and preparations to make before this baby joins us.  I am 25 weeks right now which means that if this baby tries to join us early, they will allow him to arrive at 35 weeks. That's only 10 weeks away. Josh's plans for MFB are still 8-10 weeks. We could be cutting it pretty close. Most of the professionals and post-patients say that the first 30 days home are extremely hard so we are already beginning to pray for a smooth transition. We know that God is capable of this. He has already made this terrible situation survivable thus far and continues to encourage us daily.

We will be visiting the church next week with a group of people from MFB. They will be looking at what needs to be done to the church so that Josh can resume work as quickly as possible. We have no idea how long that will be but we are keeping it in mind. Right now the church is completely inaccessible and it will be quite the physical challenge to get him in. All the same, he is looking forward to getting out of here. He has left one time since he arrived a hair over a month ago.  He is starting to go a little stir crazy. 

All of us are feeling better today and I managed to stay up here all day even though the nurses around here are a bunch of crazies!!! (We love you guys!) It was nice to be back with Josh and feel like I am a part of his recovery process. He will soon be trying out many different wheelchairs to pick out the two he wants to order as his own. They usually arrive about 6-12 weeks after he is discharged.  Please pray for us as so many decisions have to be made over the next few weeks. Josh says he doesn't really need to decide all this stuff cause he's walking out of this place. He can't wait to give away all the adaptive equipment and money donated to others who really need it. He says he still waiting on God's total healing. I love his attitude. He seems to still be facing reality but believing God will heal him. We'll just continue to wait on God's timing. We know he is able!

Prayer Requests:


-More finger sensation and movement

-Guidance for the decisions that need to be made in the next few weeks


Posted on March 1, 2007 .