7/6/07 11:00 p.m.

A little excitement around here. We knew it had to happen, and it did. Last night, Josh was out with friends. On his way back to the van, he had to go off a curb which he has done dozens of times. Well, this time, it didn't work. His foot plate hooked to the pavement and he flipped over forward. He did get his hands out in front of him, but he has very little strength in them so they didn't do too much good. He has road burn on his face and a cut above his eye. Other than that, he is fine. We were talking with PT Kristy on Monday and she was happy it hadn't happened yet, but also a little surprised. Well, it didn't last too much longer. We were talking about it today (and also practiced curbs a bit more) and she was saying that he needed to "go for it" when going off a curb. He was being too cautious (and if you know Josh, that is not the norm). When practicing today, he would do a wheelie and go off that way knowing the wheelie bars in the back would catch him if need be. It worked well.

Next, we worked on sliding board transfers and Josh did amazing!!! He did the best he ever has, by far! I was so excited for him. We are seeing so much improvement in this area over the last three weeks. He also made a batch of brownies which went quite well (other than the 1/2 cup of vegetable oil that landed in his lap). We cooked them when we got home and Zoe asked if daddy did them "all by himself?"  It's funny how much she understands that things are hard for her daddy.

We had a nice 4th of July. We went to the fireworks in Allendale which were okay. Nothing great but a lot easier to get to than the Grand Rapids fireworks. There are so many considerations to make concerning Josh right now. We knew walking over a mile to the fireworks and the massive crowds on the way back after it was over would not work very well. Allendale just seemed like the logical choice. We went with some friends and my mom and dad. The kids all had fun with sparklers and enjoyed the fireworks. Josh was disheartened seeing all the dads playing in the grass with their kids and he is not able. Being out in public and seeing how normal everyone else's life is makes it hard for Josh. There are so many massive adjustments he is going through right now. We just need to keep praying for him and for God to give him the strength to deal with this all.

We are continuing to struggle with Blue Cross. We have not gotten anywhere since this past Tuesday and we continue to try. We are also trying to see what God is trying to tell us to do with this situation. I do not want to be bitter about it, but I also know that we are not the only family dealing with unfair insurance issues. We have only until the 17th of this month before our insurance will be over so we have many decisions to make before this. Please be praying that we can be advocate for Josh and others who are in the same situation as us, but that we do it with the attitude of Christ and not out of anger.

much love, I'm off to bed...

Prayer Requests:


-guidance involving insurance

-Josh's emotional health

Posted on July 6, 2007 .