7/2/07 11:10 p.m.

Josh and I are sitting in the living room together, watching the Discovery channel, while we are shocking Josh's arms. This is slowly becoming a normal part of our day. Another routine we are doing daily to allow for Josh's body to heal.

The two older kids are staying with G & G Buck for 3 days. Both kids were so excited. Noah was excited to mow grass on Grandpa's tractor and Zoe just wants to be with Grandma every second of the day.  I'm sure they are having fun, staying up late, and eating lots of junk food! :-) That's what grandparents are for, I guess!

Josh had a good day of therapy today. We will not have it on Wednesday because of the 4th of July. I think he will enjoy having a day off. Today, he continued to work on sliding board transfers. He continues to get stronger and more proficient at moving his body in the ways needed. Improvement seems slow on a day to day scale, but when we look at what he was doing a month ago, progress is very obvious (and encouraging)! During OT, he lifted weights and worked on emptying his catheter bag independently. This will allow for him to go to work or be on his own for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. Without emptying his bag, he will become dysreflexic (I hate that word!). This is just one more skill that will allow him more independence. This is only the second time he has attempted this and it went much smoother than last time. Other than one of the straps falling in the toilet, it went off without a hitch! Yes, we threw it in the trash!

We are continuing to have trouble with Josh's power wheelchair being approved by Blue Cross. They have not denied it outright, but they are now telling us we have to buy it outright and they will reimburse us what they will cover. The real issue is the fact that they will not tell us what they will cover until after we purchase the chair. We have no idea what they will cover, and are not encouraged by what we hear from others. Josh will be making a phone call to Blue Cross tomorrow morning so please be in prayer that something happens. We know that God has a plan for this, but it is so frustrating and my patience is being tested to the max!

Josh has gone 2 nights in a row without becoming dysreflexic during the night! We really feel like we have figured out what the problem is and are so thankful! These bits of encouragement make me realize that God cares about the little things- even how much sleep we get! Josh is able to go to sleep and not be uncomfortable, covered in sweat, all night through. What a blessing!

Ephram is starting to sleep better. He gets up every 3 hours to eat but is than going back to sleep quickly. This allows for all of us to get more sleep and mommy to be in a much better mood during the day. :-) This mommy needs lots of sleep! It has been a few nights since he has been up for an extended period during the night. Now that he is sleeping better and Josh's dysreflexia issues seem to be under control, sleeping is much more enjoyable!

That's all the news for today. Please remember to be in prayer tomorrow morning when Josh makes the phone call to Blue Cross! Pray that Josh is put in touch with the right person and we can get the information we need. God is able!

Prayer Requests:


-Blue Cross and Blue Shield - pray that they agree to pay for the flight and inform us of what they will pay for Josh's chair

-emotional stability for our family during this time

Posted on July 2, 2007 .