05/27/07 2:45 p.m.

Today is a bit of a more quiet day around home so I thought I'd take a few moments and let you know what is going on around here. Getting everything done in the mere 24 hours allotted to me is a bit of a challenge. After having Ephram almost a week ago, I am trying to recover but stay on top of things too. Josh still needs care, needs to be turned at night, kids still need meals and the baby needs to be fed (a lot- he's growing like a weed!). Then there are the day to day things that need to be done around the house. Today, the beds are not made and it's the middle of the afternoon, I have yet to brush my teeth or put on some makeup, but we did get a few things done around the house. Ephram continues to not be a great sleeper during the night, but he is doing better than the first night we had him home when he was a little stinker. Right now, he is up between 2-3 hours during the night, usually around the 3:00 hour and on. Sometimes he takes little cat-naps and sometimes he just likes to fuss a little. He is an absolute joy and Noah and Zoe cannot get enough of him the past few days. Yesterday, Noah wanted to help a lot which I love to see, coming from him. Zoe continues to be Ephram's second mommy and loves to wash her hands with sanitizer before she holds him. I think she likes the washing of the hands more than the holding, but hey, who knows?

Josh continues to struggle with the swollen feet and difficulties with his body temperature. These both are very frustrating for him. The feet issue has gotten a bit better since we started laying him on the mat table in the playroom with his feet on an ottoman. He lays flat on his back and then we put his feet up. It seems to be working quite well and he likes that he does not have to be in his bed in the middle of the day. He goes back to therapy three times a week starting tomorrow and is anxious to get back into the normal routine of knowing what to expect when.

We have had to great gains are surprises in regards to Josh's movement abilities over the last few weeks. He said today he is sick of his chair and tired of waiting to be healed. Yes, he is getting impatient at times, but he states the getting out of the chair as a fact, not a question. He continues to encourage me when I start questioning and reminds me to pray and ask with faith that he will be healed. Sometimes, it seems a bit foolish that he has to encourage me and not vice versa but I guess we both have our moments.

One thing that has gotten frustrating for both of us is the lack of a place to cuddle. We are both pretty cuddly people and Josh is really starting to miss that time together. We are starting to consider upping the timeline for getting a king-sized bed so that we can sleep and cuddle together. Right now, there is no place that will accommodate us both so we have a hard time with that. The other struggle for Josh is that he is not able to initiate things at will. If he were wanting to hug or kiss on one of the kids or me, he would just do it without thinking. He now is very limited in how much he can initiate with very limited use of his arms. He also has to wait until one of the kids is willing to quiet down enough to sit on his lap or spend some time reading a book together or something of the sort. He is also anxious to get a bigger bed so that the kids can get in our bed. Before the accident, the kids came into our room every morning and laid with us until we had enough energy to get going. He misses that time and is eager to recapture it.

Ephram DANIEL.  For those of you out there who have been asking what his middle name is. The reason we were not sharing it is because for the first few days after he was born, we were completely clueless on a middle name. We finally agreed on Daniel and think it suits him well. Josh wanted his middle name to be James, but I wasn't too hip on it. He tried to pull the "I'm in a wheelchair" card, but I didn't go for it! :-) I just downloaded some pics of him where you can actually see his face so I'll make sure to get post those as soon as Josh can help me. (I'm a bit computer illiterate with this program.)  Ephram does have a bit of jaundice so we were at the hospital lab twice in the past 2 days and we were encouraged to find out it is going down as of yesterday. He is the third out of fourth child of ours to have it so we weren't too worried. He did not even need a phototherapy blanket and has gotten better without any intervention from the doctors. His pediatrician said he looks great and is almost back to birth weight. He is only 3 ounces less.  Our little boy loves his food.

That's all for today. I want to get in a quick nap before church tonight so I'm signing off. Have a nice Memorial Day tomorrow.

Prayer Requests:


-Family stability and energy to made it through the days

-more movement and feeling in fingers and triceps

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