05/17/07 11:50 p.m.

Pretty rough day yesterday to say the least. Josh woke up with a blister on his foot yesterday. He is checked over very well every morning and it was discovered. Because his feet are so swollen, even his huge shoes are tight. It ended up giving him a blister which really freaked us out. PT Kristy settled us down some and gave us some hints on how to handle it to avoid infection. I went out and bought a huge pair of shoes and we cut the back out of them so there can be no rubbing. We needed to find tennis shoes that have laces that can be loosened and tightened depending on the severity of the swelling of the day. So far, the blister looks good and not at all red or infected.

All of this excitement, added to the normal difficulties of the day, made for a very emotional day. Lots of tears for both of us, a late night of laying in our beds talking long into the night. He was then unable to sleep last night for fear he would pop his blister when he had a spasm.

Josh had therapy yesterday at MFB which went well. My dad took him so that I could take a nap and catch up on a little sleep. Any extra shut-eye I can get right now is greatly appreciated. Tomorrow is the big day at therapy where he has to make his final decision on his power chair. As of right now, he is still unsure of what to do. He wants the I-BOT but is concerned about the added expense of it. It will end up costing us a few thousand more than any other power chair. I just want him to get the wheelchair that will afford him the most freedom. Guess we'll see which way he goes.

Today was a laid back day of hanging around the house, getting medical paperwork and phone calls completed, and lots of other busy work. Josh spent most of the day on the phone and reading. He is getting better at turning pages, especially to magazines. He is growing a bit tired of my girlie magazines he has been reading! :-) We have been doing a little bit of internet research on things Josh can do to keep himself busy. He finds himself frustrated by the fact that he accomplishes nothing during the day. We are still waiting for his adaptive equipment to arrive to help with his computer. I'm sure that will help some. Every site I find talks mainly about recreational sports and that is not what we are looking for. Maybe I'll write a book a few years from now on things to do when you get home from the hospital so you don't go mad with boredom! :-)

The kids are doing very well and getting very anxious for Ephram to arrive. We had an amniocentesis to check for his lung development yesterday. Everything came back very positive so we were encouraged. God continues to protect Ephram, but now that we know he would be safe if he arrived, I AM READY!!!!  Noah and Zoe are visiting friends in Kalamazoo for the weekend. This will help us get some additional rest and the kids are more than a little excited.

We found out some interesting news yesterday. We had looked at some land on a street about a mile from the church to possibly build on. Neither Josh nor I had a  peace about it because it was so small and to make a big decision like this, we wanted to be sure this is where God was leading.  We were much more interested in the land across the street that is an empty lot, but not for sale. The lot of 120 by 160, huge by Grand Rapids standards and more than enough space to build a decent sized ranch and still have a yard. We called the owners a few times starting the end of February but never heard back. Well, the couple arrived home from Florida (they don't check voice mail while gone) and were very interested in selling. They had it appraised and told us they would sell it for the appraised value. We are very interested, but also don't want to spend the huge chunk of money on land before we even start building a house. We also want to be wise financially and make the best decision possible, both financially for our family and emotionally for our family. Please be in prayer that God makes his plans for us very clear and that everyone is in agreement on what should be done. Our main hope is that EMHE comes through. We have not given that dream up.  We did find out that if we would be chosen, the first we would hear would be about a year from now because of the way they are taping right now.

Tomorrow is back to MFB for therapy. Please be in prayer for us as we have more decisions to make and we only desire to honor God through them. We know that if we are not in the center of his will, things will be rough. We continue to pray for guidance in all these areas.

Prayer Requests:


-wise decisions regarding land purchases

-ideas for activities to keep Josh busy and having a sense of meaning

Posted on May 17, 2007 .