05/19/07 11:00 p.m.

Just a quick update as Ephram is making mommy a bit on edge today. Lots of contractions and not a lot of sleep last night. Yesterday was a good day for Josh. We decided on ordering the I-BOT which is a relief. His concern about finances regarding the chair was the main thing holding him back. After talking at length about how generous people have been and that the majority of people want what would afford Josh the most freedom, we decided to go ahead with it. We now are in the process of beginning the paperwork trail (endless) and getting everything ordered how Josh will need it. We went to a graduation open house for a member of our church and he could not move around at all. When his power chair arrives, he will be able to participate in these activities with much more independence and enjoyment!  Thank you to all of you who have been so giving so that Josh can get the things he needs to make his and our life easier more normal and enjoyable!

The kids spent the weekend in Kalamazoo with friends and are having a ball. It's nice to get a little added time of rest and peace with them being well taken care of and knowing they are having fun. They went to a baseball game and saw friends from our last church. They come home talking about all of their friends and what they are doing. Too cute.

Josh's parents are here so I am getting extra help taking care of Josh. This is a nice respite for me to have his mom around who knows how to take Josh and Josh is comfortable with her taking care of him. Josh's feet seem to be a bit less swollen over the past 2 days. We are working very hard at getting them up during the day and sleeping with them as high as the bed will go. He hates the hospital bed but it is nice to have the option to keep your head low and your feet up.  The blister on the back of his heel has yet to pop. We are thankful for this because the threat of infection is much less if it stays covered with skin. The blistered skin is starting to look older, like it's done it's duty and protected his body from infection. :-)

We had a nice night of hanging around the house and watching a movie last night. After I met our friends from Kalamazoo and dropped the kids off halfway, I came home and we just took it easy. Yesterday was the first day that Josh stayed home by himself. I was gone a bit over 2 hours and he did fine. Before I left, I got him all set up with snacks, drinks, phone in ear in case of emergency, feet up, meds given, drainage bag emptied, and a few other random things. He called me to tell me he was cold and he couldn't move to get the fan off. He was not upset, just acted a little amazed that something as simple as turning off the fan is not possible without help. With his feet propped up, he is totally immobile. All the same, he had a few hours to get the swelling down in his feet, and maybe feel a bit more independent staying home by himself for a while.

Today, Jolie from the GR Press came over and snapped some photos for a photo journal they are doing in the paper next Saturday.  She will also be at church tomorrow night to shoot a few more pics. We are encouraged by any amount of press our story can get and that people can see that we have a hope that a lot of others do not have. It is also a bit uncomfortable to know that anyone who wants to see into our lives can. We also figure that the more real and transparent we are with this situation and how God is using it, the more that people can see the God we know and trust. Yes, I'm sure some people think we're a bunch of freaks, but oh well... :-)

We are now hanging around the house and I'm heading to bed. Josh and his parents are up chit-chatting and I excused myself while I could. I do not usually have the option of someone else taking care of him 100 %. Josh also enjoys this because he knows the break I am getting.

Last bit of news and pretty big news: Ephram is scheduled to arrive sometime on Monday. We got word that I am scheduled for an induction on Monday starting at 3 a.m. Yes, it sounds like an odd time but it seemed this would work best with Josh's schedule and the possibility of him being able to be there. Just a bit under 36 hours and the fun will begin. This momma is more than a little excited to get him out and stop all these crazy contractions! Please be in prayer for us on Monday as we start this new chapter of our lives.  We are very excited, but obviously, very nervous. We are praying for a happy, content baby (I know most mothers desire this) as we are already a bit maxed out. Either way, we are so excited for our new little buddy to arrive and be a part of our family!

Prayer Requests:


-Ephram's arrival

-stability for our family during more transitions!

Posted on May 19, 2007 .