05/12/07 11:30 a.m.

This is Jean, Shelly's mom, filling in with a posting. First, two notes of thanks from Josh and Shelly. Number One: to the brothers who are taking care of their lawn on Auburn. It looks wonderful! Josh put so much work into the lawn and landscaping of that house last year. It's good to know it won't all become a big mess over the summer. We so appreciate your work! Number Two: to the Wright small group from California for the $3K raised in a Junk for Josh Sale. What a hoot! And what a surprise! Our humble thanks to all of you for your efforts.

Eight-year-old Parker Stevens of Allendale has become a fund raiser extraordinaire for Josh. You might remember that he raised the most money in the 99.3 radio station spring swim. His new endeavor is lemonade stands. He started out in front of his Grandma Steven's house, then moved to his relative's house on a more active street, then today stationed himself in Countryside Greenhouses. Those of you from around here might be familiar with Countryside, probably the largest greenhouse in West Michigan. Today is one of their busiest days of the year, and the owner gave Parker permission to raise funds selling lemonade right at the main entrance. He went so far as to make a sign for them. Parker is the guy holding the orange sign, telling everyone who entered the greenhouses "lemonade for Bucks!" His older brother Chandler was doing the same, walking through the aisles of the greenhouse.  A local country station is broadcasting live from the greenhouses today and will give Parker a 60-second spot sometime to tell people what he's doing. What a wonderful gift such a young boy is to this family. His loving efforts are a blessing to us. Thanks, Parker, and all those who help him!!

Posted on May 12, 2007 .