3/9/07 7:15 p.m.

Another good day for Josh.  His throat continues to get better as the days go by so Josh is less and less frustrated by it.  He will be having the scope done on Monday so hopefully they will see what the problem is.  We have also decided to go ahead with the surgical decision we asked you to pray about.  Josh will have a catheter placed that comes out of his lower belly so that urine can be emptied much more easily and independently (in due time).  We wanted to make an informed decision and not make it too quickly.  If Josh gets a ton of finger movement back, we can always have it reversed. We both feel very comfortable with this decision- thank you for all your prayers concerning this matter.

Tonight we are hanging out here at the hospital and tomorrow is Josh's first day pass.  We will be renting a van with wheel chair tie-downs and getting out of here from 2-8 tomorrow afternoon and evening.  The kids have been begging to go to a play McDonald's with daddy and that is definitely on the agenda.  We will then be going to some friends house and hanging out and relaxing.

We got into a conversation today in regards to Josh's injury.  Josh's injury is at C5.  That lump at the bottom of the back of your neck is C8.  He broke the vertebrae 3 above this.  Josh's injury means he should have little to no feeling/movement below C5 but he does.  His wrist flexors are at C6 along with tinodisis (using wrist movement to make your fingers clinch together).  C7 is the use of triceps.  Josh has no use of his triceps as of yet.  When Kristy (PT) was talking about tricep usage she said that is Josh could get this back, he would have an incredible amount more independence.  He could move himself in and out of bed, into his wheelchair and  many other very independent activities. So, in turn, that is our new prayer request. We are praying that God will heal his triceps and restore more independence.

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's triceps

-Stability for our family in this intense situation

Posted on March 9, 2007 .