3/4/07 10:30 p.m.

Josh had another good day today.  One of the things he has been working on at length is his tinodisis.  Tinodisis, to the average person like myself, is using your wrist to get your fingers to grasp something.  Josh has been wearing these huge braces on his wrists to allow the tendons on the bottom side of his wrists to tighten up.  He can then lift his wrist up and his fingers come together in a grasping position. As of Thursday, Jim, the occupational therapy guy, said the left brace could come off. We were excited! It is hard work for Josh to do things without the brace but one less piece of adaptive equipment he needs on all the time. Anyway, today he worked at picking up playing cards and checker pieces by sliding them to the edge of the table and then grasping with his thumb and forefinger. This is very hard when you have no usable finger movement. He tried this yesterday without much success, but today went great! We were very encouraged. Josh will use the tinodisis to feed himself, grab a pencil and pick anything else up. This will allow him to be much more independent!! Might seem like a small thing, but not in the land of rehab.

Josh got a chance to sleep in a little later than usual which is always a bonus to his day. His day usually begins around 6 a.m. If you know Josh personally he would say something about how getting up at this time is "against his religion" or something of the sort. :-) In other words, he and morning are not the greatest of friends.

We usually get to join the church on Sunday nights via a live feed but our internet was down all weekend at MFB. Pretty frustrating. Being a "part" of the service is so encouraging for both Josh and me. To not have that made tonight a little harder than normal. We made the best of it by ordering pizza and watching a movie. :-) Please remember our church in prayer as it is going through some major changes as Josh is unable to participate right now. He has times where he is very concerned about this and other times where he cannot see past the current situation. Either way, please remember Greenhouse, all the people who call this church home, and all the people who do so much to make this church happen.

I will be heading up again early tomorrow morning as Josh will be doing a live interview with WJQ- 99.3  The have been a huge support to us and are doing a big fundraiser at the end of March for Josh and another pastor in the area with some large medical bills. The interview is at 7:20, sorta' early (poor Josh!), but we are excited to let people in the Grand Rapids area hear how Josh is doing. Please pray that his words speak truth, faith, and realness.  Now I will sign off and try to get a few hours of sleep before our big morning. Nighty-night.

Prayer Requests:


-tomorrow morning's interview

-guidance with a surgical decision we will be making in the next few days

Posted on March 4, 2007 .