3/21/07 11:50 p.m.

To say that today has been a roller coaster ride is the understatement of the century.  We are so relieved, so thankful for the provisions God has given to us.  So many supportive calls and comments have gone up on the blog and I appreciate every single one of them. 

Josh started running a low-grade temp around lunch, he was flushed, and his blood pressure was much higher than normal.  We were experiencing autonomic dysreflexia for the first time since the accident.  We have been educated on it at length so we knew something was up.  AD is when your body is responding to some type of pain or other stimulus but you are unaware because of your lack of feeling.  Josh having surgery yesterday, he was unaware that his body was in significant pain but his brain and other parts of his body were responding.  It can be surprisingly dangerous, even deadly, if gone unnoticed too long.  Josh took a dose of Vicodin and half an hour later he was back to normal.  We are thankful to have seen this while were still in the care of many medical doctors.  Although it is good to hear so much about it, to recognize it while it was going on and know what to watch for next time is a blessing.

We got to spend a decent amount of time with the kids today.  They did not see daddy yesterday so it was nice to get back on a schedule. I took the kids through McDonald's for supper and Zoe puked it all over herself and me just a little over an hour ago.  Poor little girl.  I am so thankful to be here when she needs me.  To not have your mommy when you're sick is no fun!  Noah has been his typical happy self, although he was very unhappy to see the rain this a.m. and not be able to play outside all morning. The kids both had a chance to take a quick dip in the hot tub before the lightning started and it was time to get out. We figure we've had enough accidents for the time being... not leaving anything to chance.

We now have a date that we know we will be done at MFB as an inpatient.  Josh has 30 days from todya and then he will be coming home to live with us again! Obviously, I am very excited and very nervous at the same time.  We will have a lot of adjusting to do when he gets here.  We do not qualify for any in-home nursing help so we will be on our own (with lots of help from family and friends!). Josh is apprehensive about this as much of what needs to be done to him is usually something considered private before an injury of this type.  We all will have a lot of learning to do.

Ephram continues to make himself known bouncing all around inside my belly.  Both kids are starting to talk about him a lot and wondering when he will be coming home. Zoe's latest concern is that there is no mommy inside my tummy to take care of Ephram.  Try explaining that one to a 3 year old! She cracks me up.

In the area of housing, we have gotten a few phone calls over the last few days where God is definitely looking after us.  We are unsure what this means, but knowing that God has us in the palm of his hand is so reassuring. Over the last few days and weeks I have had a verse stuck in my head that I will close with tonight, it is from memory and I don't know where it's found (and I'm too tired to check right now.)

For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope  and a future.

Posted on March 21, 2007 .