3/22/07 10:45 p.m.

Okay, the cards, flowers and gifts have been out of control today.  Someone (not sure who) decided to let everyone and their brother know that today was my 30th birthday.  I soooo appreciate all the goodies sent my way.  Today was not the kind of birthday you imagine having, especially such as your 30th, but you guys managed to make it special.  Thank you.

Josh had a good day today.  He got an X-ray today to find out if he can get his collar off.  He is anxious to hear back from the doctor.  He is so tired of it and hoping that all is healed well enough to have it off for good. The wife is excited because maybe shaving him won't be such a hassle and a nerve wracking event.  The boy will NOT sit still enough when I take the collar off to shave underneath.  The nurses laugh at how loose it has gotten over the last few weeks and that it's not really serving it's purpose anyway. He's sort of a stinker!

We tried another new chair today.  Josh is excited to order his own wheelchair and have one that fits him perfectly. Because he is so much taller than the average guy, he often feels too big for the chairs he tries out.  He used one today that his feet sit more under his body than out in front. It makes sitting at a table much easier because he can get up close without his feet getting in the way.

Josh did a lot of weight lifting today.  The muscles in his forearms continue to get stronger which will be huge to move himself around with.  More movement means more independence.  Knowing we have a whole month to really work some things out and work as hard as possible has Josh's spirits very high.  We are so thankful for good days and days where Josh keeps us all laughing with his antics.  It makes life seem more normal.

We went out for a nice dinner with my mom & dad and Holly & Jay.  We had a great meal, loved the atmosphere, and had some great laughs.  At one point I was laughing so hard I thought my water might break.  Probably not a good thing huh? :-) Josh did some attempting at feeding himself in public which went decently well.  He ordered a hummus dip with pita and managed to get a few bites in his mouth on his own.  We were all celebrating.  It might seem small but was quite a feat for Josh to accomplish. 

All in all, today was nice.  A girlfriend brought me out for lunch and we hopped over to the mall for some Starbucks. I felt pretty normal all day. It felt like our life might actually be back to normal some day for all of us.  We have such a long way to go but to have a hint of normalcy is so encouraging.

Thank you again to all of you who are pouring your hearts out in prayer for us.  We continue to need them desperately and often. Thanks you also to all of you who made my birthday something to remember. Much love...

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's triceps

-wisdom in decision making

Posted on March 22, 2007 .