3/17/07 8:30 p.m.

A nice weekend day for us.  Josh had a limited amount of rehab today. No complaints from him. I brought Zoe up early this morning to see Daddy before we headed to a shower for Ephram (and mommy!).  We all had a nice time doing something a little out of the ordinary.  I am always at the hospital during the day to help with therapy, so it felt nice to take a break.  Zoe had her fill of chocolate covered marshmallows and loved helping me open all the presents. I really enjoyed taking a little time to just enjoy being pregnant and getting excited for our little boy to arrive. To those of you wondering how we will pronounce little Ephram's name: The E is short like in the word "egg", the ph makes the "f" sound, and ram sounds like "rum".  Get it? No?  Oh well. :-)

Josh is having fun checking out his brackets for March Madness, although he is not doing to well with the percentages. We have watched more basketball over the last few weeks than I have the rest of my life combined. He is enjoying it. We are currently watching the Michigan State game but he is snoring.

We had a chance to go out again today.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Brad and Sarah Emerson and had a great time. They enjoyed the "Hoopty!" Getting Josh in and out of the restaurant was more of a challenge today and a good lesson for me.  It makes me more aware of what works for Josh and what makes him the most comfortable.  When you have to ask 5 or 6 people to scoot in to get to your table... not a positive.  We had a great time eating and laughing once we got to the table.  We saw numerous people from church who were enjoying being out watching the games on all their t.v.'s.

So much of what we do seems to be difficult but opens our eyes to what we need to learn and do to make Josh's life easier. Going out with another couple is good for me so that I can get help if I need it. It's also not very reasonable to expect us to always go out with another couple, we do enjoy spending time just the two of us. I know, shocker huh?  After we get back it seems like Josh has to adjust back to MFB and has a difficult time emotionally.  It's hard to see, but it was a shorter time of struggle than the last.  We are thankful for any improvement.

God continues to be more than faithful to us.  We continue to get frustrated or scared and then I amazed to hear how many people were praying for us at a specific time when I was struggling. To be surviving this without God and without the prayers of others would be impossible for us.  When you think of the choices you have it becomes obvious which is the better choice.  We could either believe that a God who loves us would never do this to us or allow this to happen and turn our backs on him, or we could cling to him and pray that he brings us through this and brings glory to himself. Hmm... not too hard of a choice....

Prayer Requests:


-wisdom for all the decisions that have to be made

-Josh's triceps to be healed

Posted on March 17, 2007 .