3/16/07 10:45 p.m.

Today was a great day for us.  We found out that Josh will not have to wait two weeks to have his surgery but will have it next Tuesday afternoon.  We are very excited that we will not have to wait two more weeks. We are still running into problems with insurance so we have a specialized prayer request in regards to it.  Josh is at a point in the recovery process where insurance is now giving approval for Josh to stay at MFB week by week. When a patient is released from MFB to the surgery hospital next door, insurance usually gives you 30 days of therapy when you check back in to MFB. The problem is that Josh is now far enough along in therapy that they are becoming a bit stingy with the time Josh has left.  Each week that we have to work at getting approved brings mroe apprehension.  All to try and explain that we are asking you to pray specifically that insurance approves Josh's 30 days after his surgery.  This would relieve a ton of apprehension on our part and work on the therapists part.  This is all time that could be better spent working on helping Josh and not paperwork.

Josh and I, along with Holly and Jason went out to supper at On The Border (our favorite restaurant in the world!) in the Hoopty-Mobile!  We got a new van this past weekend that we will use in the interim until our new van is ready.  It is light blue with blue shag carpet on the inside and Josh is in love with it! He has all kinds of plans for it and wants to take it camping with the boys.  We are so thankful for this van and the freedom it means for Josh. It is and amazing gift to us. As we were leaving for the evening, Josh and Jason were yelling "Goin' out in the Hoopty!" They were cracking us up.  Josh said it is the most normal he has felt since the accident. We all really enjoyed ourselves.

The kids came up to MFB with G & G Syswerda after Noah got out of school today. Noah and Zoe had fun bouncing a balloon back and forth with daddy.  Daddy also had fun chasing them in this wheelchair.  It got Noah screaming and we all love to hear the excited cries coming from our kids. Zoe had fun pushing around a stool on wheels on the smooth hospital floors until she fell off and was a little miffed that we all thought it was funny.

We found out that the infection Josh has is resistant to the oral antibiotics Josh was placed on. So today the doctor decided to replace Josh's I.V. and administer antibiotics that way for the next 7 days. Josh was not too happy about it but he didn't complain too much.  He did start complaining when they had to poke him either 10 or 11 times (we lost count and were unsure of the exact number) to get the I.V. placed. We love the nurses at MFB but the whole poking stuff is a little hard to take.

One very encouraging thing happened today.  Josh has had little return of new feeling over the past week or so.  Today, he got a new band of sensation above his belly button and below his chest. He hates the new feelings but loves the fact that he can actually feel enough to not like it.  A little messed up, I know.  We continue to pray that God brings back movement to Josh's triceps so he has more control over his arms.  Please continue to pray for this.  That's all for now.  It's almost 11:00 and Noah is sitting here next to me wide awake. I think I might have to become mean mommy to get him to go to sleep. I love my little stinker...

Prayer Requests:


-tricep healing

-insurance issues

Posted on March 17, 2007 .