2/9/07 12:30 p.m.

Josh just finished a pretty decent sized lunch of chicken alfredo.  It went down quite easily which allows Josh to expend less energy. He now has a break for about an hour before he heads back to the gym.

This morning he was thoroughly electrocuted by his PT, Kristy. She hooked up leads to his forearms and stimulates the muscles in his arms that are working but weak.  This strengthens the muscles while bypassing his spinal cord and brain. He then begins to work with it and trying to do exercises while the shock is happening. It's not a pretty picture but it works.  We did a lot of teasing about how he'd better be nice to us or we'd turn it up higher and shock him more. Although the shocking doesn't feel good, he made the best of it.  This exercise is giving him some more wrist extension which will make his arms more useful for doing different tasks. 

That's all the news for now. Josh's parents are coming up for the weekend so that will be nice. Weekends around here are a little quieter but not much.  One, last thing- Josh had another good night's sleep last night. A true answer to prayer!

Prayer Requests:

-Total healing

-Energy to do all that is expected of him

-A good visit with the kids tonight 

Posted on February 9, 2007 .