2/8/07 10:30 p.m.

Another day with more energy and Josh is very encouraged. Tonight for supper, he had pizza and it went down easily. He said it made him feel half-way human.  In occupational therapy he has been using something called arm splints which are like gigantic blow-up swimmies that go from wrist to armpit. They stabilize his arms and he does exercises such as lifting his arm up or crossing them over his chest.  Last week they were giving him maximum support on his right arm and moderate on his left.  This week he is getting moderate support with his right arm and minimum on his left. He was psyched by this news. The therapists were very encouraging in regards to this. 

We are looking more into our housing situation.  It seems a bit obvious that we can't just wait, hoping that Extreme Makeover will come through (although we are hoping, desperately).  We are praying for wisdom and guidance in what God has for our family. The baby is set to arrive very shortly after Josh's release from MFB so this is also another factor we are considering.  People from the hospital are coming over to look at the house and see if there is any possibility of making it barrier-free and handicapped accessible. We are pretty sure what the answer will be but we figured we have nothing to lose!

That's all. I can barely keep my eyes open, so nighty-night.

Prayer Requests:

-Total healing

-Wisdom in our housing situation

-Total healing (Oh, did I say that already?) :-)

Posted on February 9, 2007 .