2/21/07 8:00 p.m.

Much better day today. Praise the Lord!  Josh had a lot of energy after his hard day yesterday and really pushed himself hard. He and his physical therapist worked with a power-assisted wheel chair. This chair is the one they are looking at for him as his final chair. The good thing about this chair is the constant exercise you get with it and the wheelchair is not so overwhelming to look at. We have gotten used to his BIG power wheelchair but many are a bit taken aback when they see it for the first time. 

Josh's meds seem to have been figured out for the time being. We feel like the less meds he needs to be on the better. There are some that are absolutely necessary such as drugs for blood clots which are not terribly uncommon for someone with an injury such as Josh's. They got his sleep meds down (we hope!) and are happy with that. He will continue to take the meds for nerve pain until it lessens- hopefully in the next few weeks or months. He also takes Tylenol for pain but we're not too worried about that one! :-) 

The kids came up for an extended visit tonight. They were well behaved and had McDonald's with them which always makes for some quiet moments. 

We had a meeting with the driver's rehab program and they tried Josh in many vans to show us that our options are extremely limited because of his height.  Some of the vans have such high tops it's looks like you're driving a mini-bus (not exactly the look I was going for).  It looks like we will be going with a Ford Nor-Cal.  It can have a 9 inch lowered floor and a raised roof if necessary. We are going to try and go without the raised roof because of gas mileage and a few other reasons.  The guy we spoke with today said that if it doesn't work they can add an "eyebrow" to the doorway which adds 2.5 inches of space but does not mean a raised roof. They also do this right at Mary Free Bed. This van will also eventually be adapted for Josh to drive once he is able.

Josh had a couple big moments today that were very encouraging to him. We thank God for every moment that is an encouragement to Josh. Spring Lake Wesleyan Church (the church who has taken on the mission of raising the money for the van) came in tonight and did some taping of us talking about the accident and how it has changed us thus far. It was a nice time of reflection and had a great prayer time at the end. This church is absolutely incredible to take on this project!!! Thank you times a million!

Prayer Request:

-TOTAL HEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-continued rest for all of us (the kids slept great last night- please continue to pray)

-Josh's finger movement


Posted on February 21, 2007 .