2/20/07 10:00 p.m.

Josh is feeling quite a bit better after his rough morning and afternoon. He is still tired and uncomfortable, but it is back on the scale of manageability.  They made some more changes and took him off some of the drugs that they thought were making him feel unwell. They also know that Josh has an infection but they are trying to let it run it's course. This way, Josh will not develop a resistance to antibiotics. They will treat the infection if he gets worse.

Much less therapy than usual today. After much convincing, Josh sort of unwillingly :-) got back into bed after lunch to try and get some much needed rest. He is a bit of a stubborn guy (understatement of the year) and wanted to continue with his therapy. They did do a few things bedside this afternoon so he did not miss out on everything. 

The burning sensation in his body continues to be a struggle. He likes being able to feel these areas but sometimes the pain gets out of control.  The doctors  continue to try and get on top of this.

Please pray for Noah and Zoe. Both kids have shown some signs of things not being normal the past few days. They have both been a bit more crabby and Zoe has been asking for mommy and daddy more than before. I was able to be home for a while today and will be home for a few hours in the morning. Please pray that the Lord gives us guidance and Josh peace as he is at the hospital alone. The kids sleep schedules have gotten off in this whole mess. They see a huge king-sized bed with extra room in it and they want to claim it as their own. I do not sleep well at all with Zoe in bed with me (she's such a cuddler, great for daytime, not so great for sleeping). Noah is fine but we don't think it's a good habit to get into. Please pray that they may sleep better in their own beds, and that mommy and daddy can get a clear picture of where I need to be and when.

I'm now about to fall asleep while typing. Thank you for all you love and prayers.

Prayer Requests:


-Guidance with Noah and Zoe

-Josh to sleep and feel well tomorrow

Posted on February 21, 2007 .