Noah and Zoe dancing at Chuck E. Cheese.

Now that I'm out of school, it seems like I don't have enough time in my life to learn new things. I started in my last blog on how I need to learn to add pictures. I still need to do that. I did learn how to add a bunch of friends to our list of links. If you know how quickly I grow frustrated with computers you would think I had accomplished quite a feat. Josh says it's the only time he hears me swear out of frustration. Me? A pastor's wife? Swear? Noooooo!!!!

Another thing I'm learning...that God has plans for us that we just don't understand. I am sitting here at Josh's family's house in Indiana and thinking how much my life has changed in the past year. A year ago I was living in Kalamazoo with three children and my husband had a typical pastor's job. We now live in Grand Rapids, with two children (and one still in our hearts) and my husband does not have the typical pastors job. I think that's why he loves it so much. We get to hang out with all our friends all the time and they call it work. Cool huh? So with so many changes in my life it's no wonder I feel melancholy. Josh and I layed in bed a few nights ago and talked about how much we miss Ava. We talked about her sweet smile and how she loved to watch her big brother and sister and how she would probably be a stinker by now. Which leads to another change...
Zoe ready to go inside- she's sooo excited!!

Two weeks after Ava was born, Josh went in for the snip, snip (otherwise known as a vasectomy). :-) Yesterday, we had it reversed here in Marion by a friend of the family. The surgery is usually around 10 grand and it was pretty much a charity surgery. All kinds of people donated their time from the surgeon to the anesthesiologist to the scrub nurses. Everyone was so kind. Our God is an awesome God. Had this not been given to us, we would never have been able to have the surgery done. Now we may have the opportunity to add to our family. There is about an 80-90% success rate. Please pray that God's will will be done in this. He knows what is best for our family although we are praying fervently that it works!!!

Josh is pretty much flat on his back the next week to 10 days so he will get some much needed rest time. He has played X-Box 360 for about 13 hours already today. A friend let him borrow it while he's down here. He's psyched. Some boys never grow up... I think I like him that way.

p.s. sorry to those who are thinking "Too much information!" I've never been one to keep things to myself!

Noah found Mommy's mascara. He thought he'd try it.
Posted on June 3, 2006 .