Shelly's tatoo. Pretty cool, eh?

Months it's been since we posted on the blog last.

Not sure why, it's certainly not a lack of things to say. Probably more of a lack of desire to say them. Our main reason for wanting to do this blog is to let you take a peak at what is goin on in us as we grieve, heal, and continue to live life. But most words seem rather hollow when trying to capture the feelings that we experience right now, so sometimes it seems easier to not try at all.

In some ways, life has gotten a bit easier since August 1st. In some ways, things have not gotten easier.

For four of five weeks after Ava passed away sanity slowly crept back into our somewhat insane minds. Then our church plant began and we had to begin to try to function in society again. I speak just for myself here (josh) but things haven't gotten a whole lot easier since then. I'm not sure why.

There are no real doubts as to whether or not God has a plan in all this, but the fact that we may never understand that plan is troubling. It's not that I want to ask God why... I really just want to ask Him to put things back like they were. I guess that is rather obvious.

This post is such a downer! Sorry to seem so glum. Things are not bad right now... there are many many things to be thankful for... these feelings are all just part of the process of making this compute.

Keep us in your prayers, and don't be afraid to write.

Josh (Shelly is in the bath or in bed!)
Posted on December 30, 2005 .