February 2018 Update


Greetings from chilly Grand Rapids, MI...

As we haven’t sent out an update since November, many of you may not be aware that the holidays were rather difficult for the Bucks.

On the morning after Thanksgiving, Josh was very hard to rouse and was rushed to the ICU. The diagnosis was a kidney infection that had gone septic. After a week of IV antibiotics, he bounced back quite quickly (per usual). Unfortunately, on Christmas day he was taken back to the ER with similar symptoms. He was discharged again, but after a week taken back to the ICU for a week with very high CO2 (84%) levels because of an inadequate CPAP machine. During these episodes, his heart rate is dangerously high and his blood pressure plummets. These experiences are rather hard on his body but even more so on our family.  When he returned home after this last hospital stay, we sat around the house for about a week in total shell shock. There was a sense of darkness and defeat. But with each health crisis there is something to learn. We are learning about cross-contamination, and Trilogy ventilators and safely expelling CO2.  Most importantly though, we are continuing to learn what it means to look to Jesus for peace and comfort during our darkest moments.   

With this level of health crises, our ministry is forced to the back burner.  December and the first part of January we were unable to travel or complete our six week coaching curriculum with couples. Also, we could not do any sort of fundraising dinner or end of the year challenge.  In light of this, our ministry has some immediate financial needs.  

Currently, as an organization we have 18 amazing monthly givers. These gifts (all from individuals) range from $10 to $500 a month. When we receive notice of these gifts, it is a bright spot in our day, and not just because it's money! We always feel like we are part of a team. Each time these gifts arrive, we take a moment to lift the giver and their family up in prayer. But back to the ask…

As we begin this calendar year, would you consider investing in us monthly? It could be as little as $10, or as much as $500 (or even more)! We know that when you send an investment in a ministry, you are thinking and probably praying for that ministry. You are part of the team. We need prayer partners, investors, and teammates who are invested in the ministry of coming alongside families in crisis.   

Josh and Shelly Buck

 ...who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.  -2 Corinthians 1:4

Posted on February 23, 2018 .