Launch Party Thank You's

We had an absolutely awesome time last Wednesday night at our JSBFM launch party! We were planning on 100 and we had about 120! More than "banquet" or a fundraiser, we really wanted this to be a time that we could continue to build a team around our ministry.

This is for sure what happened! We challenged people to invest their Time, Talent, or Treasure. Multiple people signed up to volunteer for events. We had several people sign up who were builders, accountants, chefs, social workers, and office helpers - and we raised well over one third of our annual budget!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this night a success!
Hannah, for your hours and hours of help organizing everything.
Veronica for your tireless work and help making the decor look amazing.
Kelli, for making the merch look classier than it already does.
Charlie and. crew for the dope set up yet.
Heidi for your willingness to dive into games before you knew what you were volunteering for.
Steve for providing discernment and experience.
And the board and Clare for your wisdom and guidance

Posted on June 18, 2015 .