Valentine's Day Disaster

For the first years of our marriage, Valentine's Day was a holiday that we always made a pretty big deal about. After nearly 15 years of marriage, four kids, life, busyness, this holiday has become smaller and smaller. 

Today, on the way to Ephram's basketball game, after an extremely hectic week of working on our non-profit and paperwork up the wazoo, I turned into the angry wife with horns and smoke blowing out of her nostrils. Definitely not my best moment ever, and today is supposed to be this romantic holiday where we constantly peer into each other's eyes and speak of our undying love to one another, experience the butterflies in our stomachs over how we married the perfect person for us, and give and receive flowers and gifts that are perfectly thought out for the other. 


I am a human.

We fight on Valentine's Day.

We are not the perfect couple who lives in absolute harmony.

There are many times when we each need to go to our own areas of the house so we don't end up saying things we really don't mean, just because we are angry.

But, I live with a Godly man who is quick to forgive, willing to change, always trying to be a better man. I hope he can say the same about me (okay, the quick to forgive part is one I'm constantly working on). 

Our lack of celebrating Valentine's Day will probably not change. We will go out mid next week for dinner and peer into each other's eyes and remember why we are in love with each other. Then, we will do the same thing again a few weeks from now, and again, and few weeks from then. 

Valentine's Day is a great day to encourage us to celebrate our special someone, I just pray we can celebrate this gift of marriage, the gift of where two become one, all year long. 


Posted on February 14, 2015 .