Help from the state


It's an ugly word. 

What does it consist of.

What does it mean to say "we are on welfare"?

Until the day of Josh's accident, we paid money into the state of Michigan, our federal government and social security. I never even considered what the money was for, I just knew that we had to.

I keep reading notices on Facebook that say "drug testing for welfare recipients" followed by totally negative feedback about the people who partake in the welfare community.

I am on welfare.

When you say that people on welfare should submit to drug testing you are saying that I should submit to drug testing. 

I submitted to drug testing before working at a nursing home and before I worked in a public school. I never thought it was a big deal. I think I have the issue because it was a given that you passed the test.

I think people act like if you're on welfare, you probably do drugs, because you are that low, you are a lesser part of our world. 

I'm on welfare because my husband is a quadriplegic. He does not have the ability to work 40 hours a week. If he did work 40 hours a week, he would make enough money that the State of Michigan would take away the money he receives for his care. He needs 3 hours of care in the morning and 2 in the evening. If he had a full time job, he would have to agree to no care.

I disagree.

If having insurance for our family (we still have to pay for it) and care for Josh means that we are on "welfare", then so be it.

Being on welfare does not mean I should submit to drug testing. It does not make me lesser, evil or a mooch. It does not mean that I live on the system, I depend on the system.  I depend on a system that I paid into for many years, kind of like an insurance policy. You pay into "in case", only "in case" came true for us. 

So, when the state of Michigan starts providing and paying for an addict to go to extensive rehab, and will pay for the care of their said family while the mom/dad/caretaker is in rehab (they won't), I will not submit to drug testing. 

It doesn't make me a drug addict. It makes me someone who will stand up for my own rights. 

Posted on September 30, 2014 .