Lucky Charms and Red Wine


My children’s eating habits drive me batty. And instead of being Mr. Helpful (like I expect him to be) Josh makes it more complicated. You know those moms who are always concerned about how many fresh veggies/fruits their kids are eating every day? Yeah, that’s not me. That’s Josh.


Problem is, Josh can’t cook; and ones inability to make dinner does not tame ones opinion or appetite.  In my humble opinion, it doesn’t matter what you eat, it just matters that you gather around your dinner table and spend some quality time together.


I would be perfectly fine with cereal and wine for dinner for 6 days a week. Maybe on the seventh day we’ll order some pizza; change it up a bit.


And who ever said Lucky Charms is not a well-balanced meal? They couldn’t sell it in the breakfast aisle if it weren’t, right? Mommy likes Lucky Charms. So should daddy.  I know the kids do.


And so, I cook; not without inner turmoil, but I cook. I am reminded that God calls me to love my husband (and it works best if I try to love him in his language, not my own) and I am called to respect my husband. As ridiculous as making dinner seems to me, it seems to mean something to my husband.  So tonight, we will have a warm dinner, together as a family. I will attempt to have a bag of steamed veggies and some sort of protein; not because it matters to me, but because it matters to him.

Posted on January 16, 2014 .