I guess I shared my sickness with Josh. It is 8:30 and all the kids are asleep and Josh and I are in bed. Weird. Kinda nice. I do love my sleep. 

I left Josh home for the day for some quiet time and took the kids to my parents to do some swimming. We love hanging out there. The kids have all kinds of open space and do not need as close of watching. My parents live quite a ways back in the woods and the kids love to run all over. My mom and I sat around the pool and drank Diet Coke and the kids swam in the pool. Actually, Ephram "swam" in the tub we use to rinse off our feet. He was too scared to go in the pool.  He was also scared of the bonfire we made to roast hot dogs. He's mommy's little scaredy cat. 

Quadriplegia and vomiting do not go well together. Need I say more???

Please pray for the sick boy. He is pretty miserable. I pray that he wakes up in the morning feeling better.

That's all for tonight. This momma's turning in early...
Posted on June 12, 2009 .