New Pics

So, I'm going to give this picture thing a shot.  I'll not be surprised if this doesn't work.  My computer and I...we don't get along so well. :-)


This is Ephram and me at his big sister's "stone." We always tell the kids we're going to the place where we remember Ava and see her stone.  This is Ephram's first experience with this. Last year he was too little to even get out of the car. This year he even got to sit in the grass!


Here is a pic of Ava's stone.  Notice the sticks in front of the stone.


 Here are all the goofy kids.  The picture quality is terrible. Not sure why.  Zoe looks like she has "buck" teeth.  Get it?Hahaha. One funny thing to note.  All the kids were gathered around the gravemarker and Ezekiel (4 years old with the tie-dye shirt) was crawling over the front of the stone.  You could see Jason get really uncomfortable with what Zeke was doing and start to get after him.  I laughed and said not to worry. If she were still here with us, he would be crawling all over her, beating her up, and we would just let it go.  I like that they crawl all over her stone.


This is the last pic.  Hopefully this blog doesn't take forever to load. This is right before we went out to eat with my parents for their 35th wedding anniversary. We had a great time and waaaay too much to eat. Isn't my husband a hottie?

Posted on May 8, 2008 .