Momma Time

I've gotten numerout comments asking how my mom is faring.  She continues to heal well, slowly but surely.  I may even surpass here in the recovery process over the next few days! :-)  She is doing a great job taking care of me- dragging me to garage sales when I have an hours energy, or taking me to Hobby Lobby to look at stuff for the kids new rooms. We're definitely from the same mold. We have been having lots of fun. They are now out in Grand Haven having their first camping excursion of the year  and they couldn't be more excited. She actually said she was more excited about this trip than their trips earlier this year to the Bahamas and Mexico. I thought she may have taken a few too many pain meds...

On another note, we finally got news of what the next step is in regard to her treatment. She met with the oncologist earlier this week.  The doctor said (summarily), "Go home, live your life. You're cancer free!"  There are no more treatments, no chemo, no radiation, no nohting.  They are not even putting her on the cancer drug (not sure the name of it cause that's all my mom calls it) because it is used to fight cancer in the breasts and ovaries and she has neither! The doctor said that would be sort of a waste. My mom came out of that appointment feeling like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Now all she has to do is regain all her strength and she'll be good as new.  She rocks. I wanna be like her someday (minus the cancer of course!). Thanks for all your prayers for her.

Posted on May 17, 2008 .