As of about 2 hours ago, my mom was discharged from the hospital. We are so thankful she is well enough to go home. The doctors got the oral pain medication under control and then she was ready to go. She says she is thankful to be back into her own bed.  More than anything, she seems to be relieved that this is over and she can now start seeing what the next steps will be. She will be going back to the doctor over the next few weeks. The extensive pathology reports should be back soon and then we will be sure if all the lymph nodes are clear. The initial report was that they were all clear, but this is the last step. Please be praying that the news comes back positive, as this is what the doctor is expecting.

Josh's parents came this weekend to help with the kids so I could be with my mom. They were leaving church on Sunday morning and Josh's mom slipped with Ephram in her arms. Trying to protect him, she took the brunt of the fall and hurt her foot. She ended up in the ER that night and found out she had broken her foot in 2 places. She is now on crutches and in a cast for a while now. Please pray for her to feel encouraged as she is feeling pretty down right now.

Things here are okay. I am feeling pretty down myself. Aren't we just a bunch of happy people? Noah continues to not sleep well which leads to mommy not sleeping well.  When mommy doesn't feel well... it's not a pretty picture. I could really use your prayers right now. Pray that I feel able to handle the responsiblities and obligations I need to fulfill. Pray that the sleep I do get is multiplied by a loving God who knows I need lots of it! :-)

Thank you to all of you out there who so faithfully pray for us. We love you all.

Posted on March 26, 2008 .