8/13/07 3:30 p.m.

An update on Shelly's dad for all of you out there in bloggerland. He's fine. We got home from the hospital a little while ago. He had a stress test earlier today. It showed a small blockage in the lower portion of his heart and some muscle damage. But nothing they thought was an immediate danger. They left it up to him whether to stay and have it taken care of or think about it. We're thinking... The dangers of the procedure, according to the doctor, are about as great as his danger of having a major heart attack from the blockage. So, we're home for some time of quiet and stress relief and figuring out how to continue to handle the difficulties that are such a part of our lives now. Our love for our kids makes all of this truly a challenge to handle at times. It causes us so much pain to see them in pain, as any of you who are parents would understand. We're wading our way through this heartbreaking time, trusting that, as Josh shared at Daybreak yesterday, God has a definite purpose and plan in all of it. I have a quote above my desk from Chuck Swindoll that speaks truth: 
In the darkest nights come the  sweetest songs,
in the strongest winds grow the deepest roots,
in the loneliest places come the most profound character traits.
The things we run from are the very things that make us great.

We appreciate all of your prayers and concern. 

Still trusting...
John's wife
Shelly's mom
Josh's (favorite) mom-in-law

Posted on August 13, 2007 .