6 months

7/17/07 11:00 p.m.

A big praise! Josh got all of his computer equipment with all the adaptations! If you know Josh, you know he is a bit of a computer geek (makes me love him all the more!). Anyway, he now has a new laptop (he's sad it's not a mac but what do you do?) voice recognition software that is amazing, and numerous other pieces of equipment to help him navigate the computer. I keep hearing him say "scratch that" which tells the computer to delete or undo what it just did. He is also able to turn everything on and off with voice commands. In the near future he will start posting also. Right now he is getting to know how the whole thing works so he may need a few days.

Our kids went to Grand Haven to camp in G & G's trailer. Noah did not go to sleep until quarter to one last night. Little stinker!  They are having a blast. Holly is also out there in the pop-up camper with her three kids so our kids have plenty of playmates. Hopefully it will be nice enough to go swimming in the lake tomorrow. It's been a bit overcast and rainy today.

I'm going blueberry picking with a friend in the morning. Because I don't have all three kids with me, I thought it would be a good time. I'll carry Ephram in his sling. I love blueberry picking time. I haven't gone in a few years and I'm looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to all the blueberry pancakes and blueberry pies to follow. I grew up eating frozen blueberries so I figure our kids should do the same!

Josh has had a few good days. Your prayers make a huge difference! We are both feeling a bit more encouraged the past few days. I have spent some extra time in the Word this past day and a half with the kids being gone.  Why does it seem like I have no time to spend reading my Bible and sitting quietly and praying, and then things go haywire. I do have a few minutes a day to check friends blogs and check my e-mail. Hmmm... maybe I need to look at my priorities. God has sustained us through two major trials and continues to do so, yet when I feel a little better,  I get complacent. Sorta screwed up but true none the less. Ephram is listening to mommy read Lamentations aloud to him while he eats in the middle of the night (good thing Josh is a hard sleeper). Maybe not the most encouraging for an 8 week old but he'll survive! :-)

Josh is going to be swimming at the YMCA tomorrow. He is NOT  looking forward to it but his therapists think it is important. We have finally run out of excuses and will have to do it. With his usual sarcasm he says, "What am I going to do? Kick my legs?"  Funny guy huh? Anyway, we are not sure of the goal we are working towards, but they haven't let us down yet.

Speaking of our therapists, they are amazing. MFB could not be a better place for Josh to heal. Every person we were put in touch with while there were incredible. It seems as though the people they hire are a step above every other nursing establishment we have worked with since this accident. Every time I am unsure of why we are doing what we are doing, it becomes clear in a life skill. For example, when Josh started working at sliding board transfers, I realized all of the things he had already learned prior to putting it to use. He had strengthened the muscles needed to move his body (lifting weights), worked at balancing his body while sitting up (bouncing a balloon back and forth while sitting up), and many other tasks. Every time I think we have plateaued and progress seems hard to come by, something exciting happens that Josh is able to do that he wasn't able to earlier. Even though new muscles have not come back as of late, he is figuring out how to do so much more with what he does have.  This makes me proud of him.

My husband is amazing. The things he has gone through the past 6 months, no one should have to. Yet, he continues to try and have a positive attitude, still encourages me non-stop, and is an amazing dad even when he thinks he is not capable. Just because he cannot pick up Ephram makes him no less of a father. Every time I put Ephram's head up to Josh's face and Josh is talking to him and kissing on him, Ephram quiets right down. He knows his daddy's voice. 

Well, it is now officially after midnight (I got a little sidetracked) and today is 6 months since Josh's accident. Half a year has come and gone and we are all still breathing.  So much has changed since January the 18th, yet God remains faithful...

Prayer Requests:


-spiritual growth and encouragement

-Josh's triceps

Posted on July 17, 2007 .