5/3/07 12:45 a.m.

This momma is more than a little tired tonight. We had a very busy day and it started out with some exciting news. Josh's wheelchair was ready! Thank goodness we had no plans set in stone until the afternoon so we headed off to MFB to get fitted for the new chair. It could not have gone more smoothly. We were all very thankful and Josh is very excited to have his own chair - although he would love to not need the chair.

We then headed to my parents house in Allendale and picked up some lunch on the way. It felt like a very normal thing to do. The four of us ate outside in the gorgeous sunshine and enjoyed about an hour of the day that way.

We then headed over to Allendale Middle School where they had raised $2,000 in a penny drive called "Bucks for Bucks". The kids put on the assemble, presented us with a big cardboard check and had made probably around one hundred signs or more that said to nominate Josh for Extreme Makeover. One of the teachers there is an old friend and she videoed it and is sending it to EMHE. We were pretty excited about it all. One of the area newspapers came and Josh had a chance to talk with the kids. When Josh gets a mike in his hand and an open floor, watch out public schools cause Josh is gonna' talk about God whether you like it or not! We felt like it was an amazing way to share about our faith and Josh kept it light. I'm not so sure the superintendent sitting in on the assembly was very comfortable with it, but what are you gonna do? Take the mike away from the guy in the wheelchair that the assembly is centered on? We got a big kick out of it afterward.

We came home, hung out with the kids outside, and just sat around together. One of Noah's teachers came over to watch the kids and Josh and I hit Wal-Mart and On The Border for dinner to practice out his new chair. He realized he is in need of help getting in and out of narrow doorways and often gets himself lodged between the two. We will have to address that in PT later on. :-)

Now we're home and getting ready to go to sleep. The day starts over again in a little less than 7 hours. Hopefully we will only have to get up once to turn during the night. We are watching his skin closely and trying to add time very carefully so we don't worry Josh too much!

All in all, I would say we had a pretty good day. Lots of stuff to keep us busy, but too much for little Ephram's sake. I am thinking about trying to find someone to take Josh to MFB for therapy tomorrow so I can get some rest and keep Ephram on the down low! We still have 2 days until 34 weeks when they will let him come.

One thing to keep in mind, Josh is feeling as though a lot of people are realizing how much time has passed since the accident and thinking that this is it, that healing is probably not going to happen. We do not feel this nor believe this. We are keeping the faith that God is able to heal Josh whenever he chooses. Please do not stop praying fervently for a complete healing. We know our God is able, we just need to keep it in front of him in prayer.  Remember that good ole' verse "ask and you shall receive?" We're still believing that 100%. Much love to you all and nighty -night!

Prayer Requests:

-TOTAL HEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-safety of Ephram until he is ready to come out and meet us

-stability in our home during these times of transitions

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