05/14/07 8:30 a.m.

Yesterday was a good day for all of us. Josh woke up around 8:00 and had his morning routine with the nurse tech that comes over to take care of him. I am so thankful for this luxury right now. Just moving him around in his wheelchair, getting him ready for bed, and his daily needs are enough to tire me out right now. God brought us someone who is very reliable and Josh is comfortable with. We plan on keeping him on until the middle or end of August- once mommy is back to normal and the kids are soon to be heading to school for the fall. After that, we will be doing it on our own.

We had a nice Mother's Day yesterday. My mom and dad, Holly and Jay and the kids, and the four of us gathered here and grilled out. Getting all of us ready to eat at the same time is quite the challenge, but we did eventually manage.  Once we adults were ready to eat, the kids were running around, hyper, riding bikes around our table (we ate outside), begging to be pushed on the swing set, and all other kinds of kid antics. We adults just sat and watched and enjoyed watching them be kids.

Josh gave me a chance to take a nap yesterday. This was something that felt normal, like before the accident. I put the kids in bed for a "rest" (yeah, right) and he sat out in the kitchen reading and making sure no one escaped from the bedroom. It was extremely nice for me.  I love that he is getting to the point where he is able to do this sort of thing, knowing I am in the next room if he needs me.

Funny story I forgot to tell: Night before last, it was about 4 in the morning and Josh was doing a lot of moaning and groaning. I had just turned him so I figured he was trying to settle back in and get comfortable. Then, he started  yelling at me about all kind of random things, most of which I could not understand. I was getting out of bed, really fired up about him yelling at me to do stuff (I'm more than willing to do whatever, but he is never rude like this) and acting angry at me. So as I stood over him, I start raising my voice back and him and I do a double take. He was sound asleep! He has no recollection whatsoever of it and must have been having a dream of some sort. I went back to bed with a little giggle and a sigh of relief.

Church was great last night. It's nice to try and get back into the swing of life, no matter how difficult it is. If we didn't have Zach and Rachel living with us right now, I would be in big trouble. They came home from their Mother's Day celebration to help us get out of here on time and to church. They are amazing and such a blessing to us. I made it through about half the service before sitting in the church chairs was no longer an option. If you've ever visited our church you know we have theatre seating from a loooong time ago. It looks amazing but is not so comfy on the pregnant mommy's back.  Either way, it was nice to see everyone from church and just spend time together.

After church, Josh had his first chance to go out with a group of people after church to the area hang-out where church people spend a lot of time. Josh and Jay have reached a lot of people at this area hang-out. It's not your typical Christian place to hang out and that's what they love about it. Josh was very excited to be able to go back and feel like he could talk to people and do what he does best.

It's now Monday morning and the week is just beginning. We are heading to clinic this afternoon after therapy to see if we can figure out Josh's swollen feet. He is tired of his "sausages" as he calls them, and they are a new thing. Please pray that they can figure out the cause and get it figured out. He is sick of shoes being shoved on his feet and still not fitting. :-)  That's all for now. Have a great day!

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's clinic appt. to go well today

-More muscle strength in arms

Posted on May 14, 2007 .