4/5/07 11:45 p.m.

I'm about ready to fall asleep as I sit here. Today was one of those days that never seem to end. Nothing went particularly good or particularly bad. I just left the hospital and Josh is in some pain and feeling a bit discouraged by it. It makes it hard to leave at the end of the day. The kids are coming home from G & G's tomorrow and we are very excited to see our little munchkins! Sounds like they've been having plenty of fun and not missing us. :-) I'm glad that they can go and be with their grandparents and feel comfortable and mommy doesn't have to worry!

I was very encouraged to see that someone suggested a packing day for Saturday. I have tried so hard to just not get too stressed and know that everything will get done- even if it's at 3 a.m. the night before the move.  Someone put up a suggestion for people to show up this Saturday, anytime between 10 and 4 and help pack some boxes. Great idea and a huge stress relief for me. It is hard sometimes, knowing how much help we need, and wanting to be able to get things done on my own. I have come to the conclusion through this ordeal that it is absolutely impossible!  All of you out there praying, cooking meals, cleaning my nasty bathroom (yuck!), taking such good care of our kids, sending donations and gifts, and praying. Oh, did I say that already? The prayer one is what is getting us through and still feeling slightly sane for some odd reason. Our God is amazing!

Ephram is due to come into this world on June 17. That makes me 29.5 weeks. He is already trying to make himself known and making his mommy very uncomfortable. Josh has decided that I am as big right now with Ephram than I was with the girls the day of delivery! That tells you that my tummy is definitely protruding. Please pray that my comfort level improves so that I can be the wife and mommy I need to be right now. It is very hard to do a lot of the things involving Josh's care when I am so uncomfortable. The doctor did give me medication to stop all the contractions so those are a bit less of an issue. The side effects are not lovely but doable. I only want to be be able to help Josh in any way I can and have enough energy to be with our kids at the end of the day.

This morning was a bit tough for Josh. The GR Press writer doing a story on Josh talked to Josh's doctor which was totally fine. The doctor left little hope that Josh will ever recover. We are aware of the statistics and the fact that he is concerned we are living in denial but we know that is not the issue. We also know that the more the doctor says that healing is out of the question, the more it will show God's power otherwise. We continue to pray for Josh's total healing and pray that the Lord uses this to bring people to him. This is our prayer...

Prayer Requests:


-movement in Josh's triceps and fingers

-everything with the move to go smoothly and that we can all adjust to our new surroundings with ease

Posted on April 5, 2007 .